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Who would not want to make a successful investment or in other words trade in the stock market. Success, fame and money are the three things that we human yearn for. However, whether it is success, money or fame nothing comes easy in the present day world. Many a times we come across people who however, believes that they have, in fact found one way in which success, fame and money can all be achieved very easily. On being asked, they promptly start talking about the many advantages of the investment world. However, what they fail to realize is the fact that there is only one thing that is easy in the stock market and that is, in other words, nothing, but to lose all the money that we have invested in the stock market. In fact, it is easier to incur losses in the stock market then to earn profits. As such, for any investor who intends to make an investment for the first time, it is very necessary that they take their steps correctly and at the same time rationally think over their decision to make the investment. As such, it is very necessary for the first timers as well as for the beginners to learn or gather the tips on the steps to start trade successfully. Each and every person would want to be successful in the field of investment and thus earn huge amount of profits from it as well but if only earning profits would be this easy. A successful trade is all that we wish for at the end of the day. After all who would not like to earn easy and fast cash. But unfortunately for us, if only making an investment and earning profits and thus being successful would be easy. It might even take person years to even register his first success in the stock market. In fact, there have been so many instances where a person possesses all the requisites required to make a successful investment including years of experience in the field of investment as well as a complete as well as proper knowledge about the world of investment and is still unable to achieve success in the stock market.

Achieving success in the market
We all know that experience and knowledge about the world of stock investment and the stock market are the two of the most important requisites that a person needs to be successful but along with the above mentioned factor a person also needs luck. Thus, the bottom line here would be the fact that besides experience and knowledge there has to be some other criteria as well that has a binding on our investment decisions. This third factor might however, be considered to be our luck. After all, we do need a lot of luck in order to achieve success and thus earn profits in the stock market. Many a times we have come across people who compare act making an investment in the stock market to a gamble, which if we think now, is not wrong. After all, luck does have a role to play in the stock market and as such its importance cannot be overlooked at any cost. In fact, luck has a more important role to play in the stock market than any of the other factors.

Whether, luck or no luck, it is very necessary for each and every one of us to be cautious

However, we cannot expect our luck to always be with us and as such it is advisable that we do not rely only on our luck but instead we start being conscious ourselves. As such, all the investors who have been investing for some time now, it is advisable that you start trusting your luck because you never know when your luck does wonders for you in the share market. As far as the investors who are beginners, or first timers or prospective investors are concerned, experience and knowledge are things that you will learn gradually but at first learn the steps to start trade successfully.

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