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There are many people in this world that are not aware of three kinds of investments. They are stocks, bonds and cash. So let us have a look at the types of investments.

Stocks can be scary for those people who are not aware too much about a stock market functions. Well, if you are that type of person, then its time for you to sit on the Internet. There are many websites that helps you to understand about stocks and its functioning in the market and also about share tips like . Now speaking of investors, you will find three types – conservative, moderate and aggressive. So when you realize what type of investor you are, you can invest in high risk investments or low risk investments.
If you are a conservative investor, then you would prefer to invest in the form of cash. You will invest money into mutual funds, treasury bills…etc as they are safe and got a low risk. Now if you are a moderate investor, then you would prefer to invest your money in real estate. And if you happen to be an aggressive investor, you would like to invest in high stock markets.

Bonds are considered to be one of the safest modes of investing money. This is because bonds are backed by credit of a country’s government. If you are an investor, then you need not keep these for a month but you will be entitled to receive interests for the whole month. Isn’t this interesting? Again you do not have to pay any commissions when you redeem the same.But returns are quite low in Bonds that is the saddest part.

Cash is another type of investment. Remember that when you invest in a particular company, you need to make a prior decision or plan for how many years you are going to be in the Indian stock market.

So you have come to know about the types of investment in the market. Make sure that you make a good research of the overall market so that you come to know the ups and downs of a particular company and also do not hesitate to approach for a good and expert stock market tips provider or research house like Sharetipsinfo.



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