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In the present day the role of the stock market in the investment world cannot be over looked. Even if there are many other investment options available in the present day, still the stock market is one of the important investment options. However, this fact cannot be denied that with the introduction of the other investment options in the present day, the importance of the stock market has slightly declined. In other words, the share market in the present day is facing stiff competition from the other investment options. This is because the new investment options are providing better services to the investors and at the same time have made it possible to completely score through the shortcomings of the stock market. It is a known fact to all that although the stock market is one of the oldest and most important investment option, but it is not free from shortcomings. The stock market has a number of defects and the newly introduced investment options have used the shortcomings of the stock market for their benefits. As such, the stock markets has to now pay the price for its various shortcomings and are thus, now losing all their investors to these newly introduced investments schemes and offers. Thus, it is of time for the stock market to realize their shortcomings, or in other words their defects and mend them so as to be back in the race. There was a time when the people were seeking to know as to where to get stock market tips for your profits.

Profit is important
If we look about 20 years back, you will be able to see that the people then did not know much about the investments and its relation with profits. In fact, you will be surprised to know that the people at that time could not even think beyond the investments in the stock market. Moreover, have a look at scenario in the present day; you yourself will be able to feel the difference. However, times were different then and in the present day, the times have changed drastically and much to the benefit of the people. So much so, that in comparison to the people at that time, the people in the present day cannot think of anything else but investments, the right place to make investments, profits, returns, money, etc. In fact, the scenario 20 years back was such that only a certain section of the people; say at the most a rough 15 percent of the people actually knew what a stock market was and also about BSE and other concepts.

About its advantages
People at that time did know that the investments in the stock market could be of such advantage to them as well as to their nation. However, we cannot overlook the fact that at that time, most of the people were ignorant and there was no mechanism with the help of which awareness could have spread among the people. In addition, that time all the people knew and believed was that the term investment is synonymous with the term stock market. In fact, they believed the stock market and the investments to be the same thing, which is a completely off the block concept. However, it is to be noted that the people cannot be completely blamed for such ignorance. At the time the investments or in other words the investments in the stock market was not much in vogue. As such, the people did not realize the importance of these terms. It is only recently that the people have come to realize the importance of the online stock market and the term investment in general.

Still in the race
It can be seen in the present day that the stock market is losing it all to the newer investment offers. It is to be noted here that although the stock market has already lost a good amount of its investors to these new investment schemes and offers but it is very much still in the race. The stock market has only lost its old position and charm. It is still very much in the race, only that it requires certain alterations. As such, it is advisable that you start finding as to where to get stock market tips for your profits


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