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There is nobody in this world who does not wish to make profit. Everybody wishes to be rich and so they try different ways to get extra income. There are people who go for investing their hard earned money in the stock market. But the most common mistakes that they commit is that they do not go for a good research before investing in the Indian stock market due to which they go for losing all their money in the market. But you should never panic even when you find that you have lost all your money in the market. There are lot many other options where you can earn good money. So let us have a look at where do you invest when the stock market is tanked? We would also focus on the important tips that are required when you go for investing your money in the stock market especially when its falling.

Investing in mutual funds
When people find that they have not got any profit from the stock market, then they go for investing in mutual funds. When you go for investing in mutual funds you would find that it is not too risky as that of the stock market. In the stock market, you can never predict what is going to happen in the market tomorrow. So, it is best if you can go for good stock market consultants who can guide you well about the market situation. As they have been in the professional field for many years, so they know which stocks would be profitable for you and also the stocks which you need to avoid.

Online stock trading
You can also go for online stock market where you can deal with your shares online. But here too you need to be very specific because there are lots of websites that have come up which are not genuine. In this case, it is very important that you do not reveal your credit card details when you make your transactions unless you find that the website that you have visited is not fake. So, you need to be very careful when you go for online stock trading. What’s more, when you think of investing your money in the stock market, make sure that you have a good knowledge of the different concepts of the stock market like NSE, BSE, NASDAQ…etc. You should know how they functions in the market. Unless you have good knowledge about it, you would not be able to get good profits from the market.

Try to face the risk
There is always an element of risk in the stock market and so you need to face it boldly. You should never be impatient when you invest in the market. If you wish to get good profits then you need to be well informed about the scenario in the stock market. It is also important that you go for reading stock market articles or also watch business news so that you can keep abreast of the stock market. You never know when you would become bankrupt or even get good profits from the investments that you have made in the market. So it is very unpredictable. There are also some traders who simply go for investing in the stock market only because of their friends has suggested in so. This is very wrong and you need to avoid this. Unless you have a good knowledge of the stock market you should never let your money to go waste by investing in the wrong stocks. So, it is only a bit of research work that is necessary to gain profit in the stock market.  Make sure that you do try to give a good analysis on where do you invest when the stock market is tanked?

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