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There are a few of us who has ever adopted a planned and systematic approach to investing. The approach has always been largely ad hoc in nature. For instance, most of us put an alarm to wake us up in the month of March every year so that we can  primarily save taxes and consequently make good investments so that it give us a tax break and would help us to reduce our tax liability. So let us see why one should invest in stock market.

Why Do People Invest In Stocks?

People invest in stock market for various reasons, however the two most common reasons are:

1. Making investments aimed at realizing his long-term financial goals.
2. Some investors will just make an investment because they see some of their friends investing in the market

Therefore, in order to attain this, the key is to undertake a logical and a planned approach to investments. To adopt a systematic approach towards investing, an investor needs to undertake the financial planning exercise. Financial planning involves setting and estimating financial goals and managing your income, expenses and cash in order to be able to achieve these goals.

Advantages Of Financial Planning

There are many advantages of financial planning. When you create and adhere to a financial plan, it enables you to mitigate the adverse effects of rising cost of living. The cost of living has risen significantly over the years. Cost of living rises because of inflation. Our aspirations are ever increasing with the increase in consumerism. Today, we all aspire for a higher standard of living that encompasses more and better life style products.  So, people invest in the Indian stock market to reap better benefits. Financial Planning is a step-by-step process and involves identifying your goals and placing a time frame and money value to them. It also involves in estimating your earnings/receipts during your lifetime.

It is really important to understand your investment risk personality and then investing in the market taking into account your risk personality. It is also very important to review your financial plan. To reap greater benefits and to lead a good lifestyle is the main reason why one should invest in the stock market.



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