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Money has been playing a vital role in all human beings lives since ages. It would be a very interesting fact to know that money actually followed up the barter system. The barter system, as we know, was a big leap for mankind. But, it is to be noted that it in reality had a very big flow. The factor of equality did not or could not exit along with the barter system. The things or items that were exchanged in the barter system did not always have the same value. Hence one or the other party always has the same value. Hence one or the other party always had to suffer a loss in same way or the other. In this regard, the monetary system won over the barter system. Good qualities of young investors allow him to decide on which places to invest in. but what exactly does the term investment means. The answer is simple. As word suggest investment, in reality, means putting our hard earned money into a place where from we can be assured to get a profitable return after a stipulated period of time.

Investment is a very good choice
Have you ever observed what we really do with all the money that we have? This is the money that we earn from our hard work or labor or earn as profits from any business venture. For this we must first understand that money is actually a medium of exchange. It is use to buy a much needed, wanted or desired object. Money gives us a purchasing power. Without it we can never get to buy the item that we really need or want to buy. But, nowadays people in the present world usually tend to overlook the real value of money and waste it on things that they rarely need and buy them just for the fun of the moment i.e. they buy things on a whim. Investment is a very good choice for people looking forward to spend their money in something profitable and does not include any wastage of money.

Making an investment
We can make an investment in a bank or any other financial institution as a deposit. But again, the question arises that where from does the bank returns the profit to the person i.e. investors on his investor. Well what the bank or the financial institution actually does is that it advances the money taken as investment to its other customers who have applied for a loan. The interest earned from such an exercise is directed, although in some portions to the investors. Besides the above-mentioned way the bank also re-invest the money of its customers on other fields or area and some portion of the profit earned from these areas are again directed to the investors account. Thus, this is how the books return a good income as profit to the people who have invested in it. But, banks and financial institutions are not the only place where investments can be made. A person with adequate extra income can also opt to spend his money or invest it in the share market. Yes, the stock market is the place or market where the transactions relating to buying and selling of securities take place. The securities may be of various types like shares, debentures, bonds, Mutual Funds and the list goes on and on. Many securities are available in the market. The buying and selling of large number of securities take place all the time.

Investigate the market well before investing
The stock market is a very risky place to invest. Investors should think about investing in this market after being sure about inflow of funds. Before making an investment in the stock market, the investor should make himself aware about all the ups and downs of the markets. Qualities of young investors like thorough research about the company and the securities that it has issued will help him to make the right and practical decision while investing in the online stock market. Also, the prices of securities rise and fall at any time and usually all of a sudden. Thus, the investor also needs to be extra careful while deciding on the time of his investment.


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