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There are so many different ways in which you can invest in the stock market. You can go for long term investment or adopt delivery based trading where you will invest for a stock and keep that in hold for significant period of time. The other most common way of stock market trading is Day Trading. In this method you will invest in the stocks and the position will be closed on that very day. That means the trading time of the stock exchange is the time for which you are holding the position. You have to invest in the stocks by either buying or selling the stocks and the position will get automatically closed after the trading hour is over. Of course you can close the position before the closing time of that very day.

The dilemma that most stock market investor face is, when to do the day trading? The answer is of course you can do day trading at any point of time but the ideal time for adopting day trading strategy is when there is no specific trend in the market and the market is showing a regular up and down in stock prices. When the market is going through an up trend or the down trend it is not the ideal time for the day trading. If these trends are prominent in the market, you should not opt for the day trading strategy, rather it is more profitable to invest for long term in the market. When price of the stock is moving within a range that is when the price is moving between certain high and low it is the ideal time for day trading.

When the market is moving at a regular basis, it is ideal for day trading as the stocks go either up or down in a certain range and you will be able to make profit from that movement. On the other hand when the market is moving steady and going up, it is not advisable to do day trading as long term investment during this phase will give you significant return. But all said and done, the day trading strategy should be adopted by an investor only if he or she is interested in making some regular income from the investment. If someone is looking for increasing the bottom line of the investment then day trading should never be the investment strategy for that investor, whatever is the condition of the market. Simply because in case of day trading, you will make profit or loss on daily basis and the bottom line will not increase significantly.

Before adopting day trading strategy, there is one more thing that you need to consider as well, that is the ability to take the risk that is associated with the day trading. The amount of risk is higher than the long term investment as the positions in day trading is closed on that very day. Therefore, you do not get a long period for recovering or making up the loss that you might make in the trading. Whereas, in case of long term investment or delivery based trading you will have the time to recover the loss that might happen to you.

But then there are so many benefits of day trading. The most significant advantage of day trading is that you can gain in both the situations when the stock is moving upward and downward. In case of day trading you can take advantage of short selling technique that gives you profit even if the stock price is declining. In short selling you can sell the stock in higher price and then when the price of that stock falls you can buy the stock at lower price to close the positions. This is one benefit that makes day trading really a profitable trading strategy for the investors when the market is moving within a range. As the positions in day trading is closed on that very day, many traders find it a better way to manage their portfolio while making a regular income from the stock market investment. So if the market is ideal for day trading and you are ready to take some risk, day trading is the best way to make some quick money at the stock market.


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