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We have all come across the statement that the world stock market is the growing place where money grows but very few people will be there who must have tried to think about this statement logically. Talking of the world stock market, it is here essential that we put forward certain important as well as essential characteristics of the stock market, which otherwise you would have not known. However, before we go in to the features and characteristics let us have a quick overview about all the investments including those undertaken in the share market. it is known to all that each and every investment, in the present day, has a very essential as well as a pivotal role to play in the lives of the each and every person all over the world. However, it is to be noted here that the term investment is a very complex term although when we talk about it it does not seem all that complex. This is because by the term investments, we do not simply refer to the investments that the people or rather the investors undertake. In other words, the term investments do not only refer to the investments that the investors take in the stock market, but instead here by the term investments we also refer to the various different as well as newly introduced investments opportunities that are made  available at our disposal in the present day.

If you have observe carefully the various investments that the people have undertaken, you will notice that it is not that all investors who have invested in the stock market earn profits on their investments.

In fact, the ratios of successful investor to the unsuccessful investors will keep you dumb struck. Also, you will be amazed to know that of all the people investing in the stock market, only a mere 10 percent of investors prove to be successful in their investment decision and a far lesser percentage of beginners are found to be successful. It is here also worth mentioning that more than half the people investing their hard earned money in the stock market have to face losses in the stock market. A number of reasons or in other factors can be listed in front of you which are said to be responsible for such a large number of people incurring losses in the stock market. However, if we have to provide just one reason for such a huge percentage of unsuccessful investors in the online stock market, we would not be wrong to say that the primary reason for incurring such huge amount of losses is the lack of experience of the investors. In other words, we can put it as that the lack of experience is one of the major hindrances in being successful in the stock market. However, these are not major hindrances or obstacles which cannot be conquered. In fact these are small obstacles and as such, these can very possibly be overcome.

However, it is to be noted here that generally it is the beginners or in other words, the first timers, that is the investors who are attempting to make their first investment, are the ones who fail in the stock market:

If you were asked why we make an investment, you would probably reply to earn profits. You would not be entirely wrong, but then you would not entirely be correct as well. Although earning profits happen to be the first objective of the people behind making an investment, however, it is not the sole objective behind making an investment. There are a number of other reasons as well, which urges us to make an investment in the stock market. We not only invest in the stock market for the purpose of earning profits but also to enable the proper as well as effective mobilization of our savings. However, this fact cannot be denied that instead of mobilization of savings, earning a return on the investments in the form of either dividends or profits is the one which creates the actual urge in us. However, now it must have been clear as to why it is said that the world stock market is the growing place where money grows



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