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The world of investment, as we all know is never static and is as such, constantly under going changes and thus newer and newer terms are being introduced in the world of investments as every day passes by. As such, in order to achieve success in the stock market one has to be very well versed in such terms; so as to ensure this that while making an investment the investor has to face no difficulty in understanding the market and its conditions. One such term that has been of late introduced in the world of investment is the Initial Public Offering. The term Initial Public Offering is often abbreviated as IPO. Since it is basically a new term, not much people will be having enough knowledge about it. However, it is very important for each and every investor, in the present day to gather as much knowledge as it is possible so as to succeed in the world of investment and thus earn profit and make lots of money. In the world of stock investment, success and profit are two such terms, which can be used interchangeably with each other. In other words, success and profit imply the same thing when used in the context of investment world. Any ways now that we have already mentioned it we can, very well proceed with our discussion on the Initial Public Offering. In addition, to the meaning of the term, Initial Public Offering, it is also very important for us to discuss and explain the IPO process in brief to all the investors as well as to the prospective investors.

About IPO
Initial Public Offering, is a new term, no doubt but it has a very important role to play in the present day and as such it is very important for each and every person to have at least some idea about this term. The term IPO, as already mentioned above and as many of us would already be knowing, stands for initial public offering, a term that is very extensively used in the present day world. So much so, that people in the present day are expected to know as much as possible about this term just as they are expected to know about the other relevant terms of the investment world. As such, for any investor who intends to make an investment in the share market must at first be familiar with all such words, so that it becomes easier for the person to make a safe as well as a successful investment in the stock market.

Stock market and IPO
There is no doubt in the fact that both the stock market as well as the Initial Public Offering do not have any thing much in common but what connects the two term is the world of investment, in which both the terms have a very important role to play. Now, although, it is not possible for us to deny the fact, here that the initial public offerings and stock market do not have much in common but then both the stock market as well as the initial public offering plays an integral part in the world of investment. In other words, both the stock markets as well as the initial public offering have one common element between them and this happens to the world of investment. Now, although an investor or in other words a prospective investor makes an investment in the stock market, still the investor is involved with the investment world and as such, it ought to know about the initial public offerings as well. We all know about the stock market, as the place where any stock investor as well as any prospective investor can make an investment and thus be able to make huge amount of money, in the form of profit, if in case the investor achieves success. Whereas, the term initial public offering, is the same as the flotation of a company. Thus, you should be able to explain the IPO process.

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