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In our day to day lives, we often come across different categories of investors. By the term different categories of investors, we do not simply mean those investors who are making investment in different options of investment whether in the stock market or in some other investment option. Rather here, we are actually referring to the different kinds of investors on the basis of their behavior. Although, if one tries to find out, in the world of stock investment,  then no one will be able to find any such classification. This is because; there are no such classifications of the investors in the world of investment, which are made on the basis of behavior. Nevertheless, here we are classifying the investor on the basis of their behavior only for the purpose of discussion only. Now, having said we can move back and start over again and thus revive our earlier discussion about the various types of investors in the world of investment. Therefore, as we have already mentioned above, there are different categories of investors. There are some investors who are a little apprehensive by nature. These types of investors are always apprehensive after making any types of investment, irrespective of the fact, whether that investment is made in the stock market or in the mutual or in any other kinds of investments. In fact, these investors after making any kind of investment, whether in the stock market, or in the mutual funds, in bonds, or be it in any other kinds of securities can just think of only one question; and that is, is my money in the stock market safe or will I earn success and profit in mutual funds, etc.

Know the market very well
The investors belonging to the apprehensive category of investor rarely can ever earn any profit or success in their investment because they never think before making an investment and thus have to incur losses in the stock market.  The investors belonging to this category, in the world of investment, hardly ever earn any success or profit in the share market. This is again because of the reason that they enquire about the state of investment only after the investment has already been made and not before making the investment. As such, at that time, there is nothing that any one can do about such investments. It is more like as if a person is crying over spilt milk; which is of course of no use. It is an earnest request to all the apprehensive investors that instead of worrying about your money, after the investment has already been made, it is better that you re-consider your decisions to make an investment before actually making the investment. As such, these types of investors should make it a point to revise their decision, with regard to whether or not; they should make an investment in a particular investment option. This is because; if they start revising their decisions in the stock market, then it will be easier for any person to help them from incurring any losses in the stock market. In addition, by doing so, the investor will have lesser chances of incurring losses in the investments that they have made in the stock market or in any other type of investment options. Thus, the investors can ensure not just a safe investment but at the same time, a successful and profitable investment as well.

Know where to invest
The type of apprehensive investors that we have mentioned above has some exceptions as well and as such, it is necessary that we throw some light to such kinds of investors. Thus, by having said that apprehensive investors worry about their money only when the investment has already been made, we cannot deny the fact here that there can be exceptions as well. Here, we, also at the same time, cannot deny the existence of those kinds of apprehensive stock investors who are apprehensive all through out. That is, in other words, right from the time of inception of the thought of making an investment has occurred to him, till he either incurs losses or earn profit, such type of investors are apprehensive all through and keeps wondering all the time, is my money in the stock market safe.


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