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Let me ask you one question before you read this article. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be rich’? There answer lies in you. If you say yes what steps will you take, and what steps you have taken so far in order to achieve your aim? Judge yourselves. Of course almost all the people will want to be rich and wealthy living in a deluxe flat with family buying all the luxurious car, except for the monk, especially youth people greatest desire is to have what ever they want. As this world is full of competition in order to achieve what we want one must struggle very hard to beat in the competition field and as a winner as well in the share market. By the world “wealth” what usually comes in our mind is that ‘money.’ Yes, it’s true; besides money we can also include our value possession like land, jeweler, house, cars etc. So let us discuss about peaceful wealth - The cost of stock market alchemy.

Wealth – Your secret to happiness
Have you ever recalled back you past, trying to know the exact how you earn what you possess today? As a wise saying that prefer a good name instead of money. Have you ever spent your time thinking how will you earn in a very respectful way or your main motive is to earn as much as you can? If so whatever is your case, if that is what that gives you satisfaction there won’t be any other which can makes you happy. There is a story like a poor loving married couple cannot be happy for a long period. Some writers often mention that in today’s world money can buy happiness to a greater extent, even beauty. Due to the progressing in the different fields as in case of cosmetics also it really changes our face cut as well as plastic surgery is possible which can turn black into white also. So, your wealth, your possession today’s plays an important role in the secret of your happiness. When you want to invest your money in the stock market then you should know different concepts like NSE, BSE…etc

Different meaning of wealth
You might be earning your money in different ways. There is some religion who takes a strict comment about earning.  According to Christianity, there is a wide range of word which talk about all this wealth, as Christian people main goals and objective is to go to a place in life after death which is called ‘Heaven’ where there will be no suffering and pain, no fear of hunger. Everyone will be united there but wrong doers, according to their beliefs, cannot reach this place which they called ‘heaven’. Besides, Christian secret books called ‘Bible’ taught their believers that it is easier for a donkey to enter in the end of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven.  Now coming to the stock market, it is very important that you go for stock market consultant who would be able to provide you with some tips in the stock market.

And even made “Ten commandments” which is like a rule to be followed, in this Ten Commandments include like one must not like others possession as well as one must not steal. It also wrote one must earn his living and earn money with very hardworking, as well as if a person doesn’t earn will not eat. So, according to their believe we can sum up that one must have satisfaction in what he has and must not snatch things from others and should avoid corruption and should have only his own earning.

If you are a thief and can have whatever you want, will you fill free to expose publicly? Lets take example like Veerappan, Kiran Devi, even though they were admired by some people and help lots of people, what I mean to say is how they got their things and how that can have a deep impact. Some people says that in case of the same richness one who fought with all his sweat and with his own hand will be more happy in what he has than a person who own his possession because of some illegal practice. So, you have come to understand the concept of peaceful wealth - The cost of stock market alchemy.

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