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Tips for Indian stock Market Investors and Traders


In the past few days we have seen that our Nifty and Sensex are touching new heights everyday. Today also ( 17.07.2007 ) , Our NIFTY has touched its life time high along with many more stocks doing same.  Indian stock market is flying high like a  kite.

As market is making new high daily, more and more people no matter they are investors or day traders  are getting tempted toward the stock market.

Market is high but it doesn’t mean it will remain at these levels everyday. After every high we have experienced corrections and that is what expected this time also. As soon as correction starts no matter one is investor or trader there panic button gets click and they start committing  mistakes , which results in losses.

Working in Indian share market without proper tips and guide is becoming difficult day by day. That’s why we at sharetipsinfo  always say it is very important to have updated knowledge regarding stock market and its quotes yet you need to have some professional stock market consultant back up, so that with there due research based on  fundamentally and technically tolls can guide you.

Being a investor one should realize that he should give more emphasis on Fundamentals and bit on technicals. Where as Traders require more stress on Technical  rather then fundamentals.

In last 5-6 years we have witnessed that our GDP is increasing, economy of country is shooting up, earning power is supported by big handsome bucks thanks to big corporate. Which is a boost for our  Indian stock market and economy.

We personally recommend work in stock market with due care, proper research, check charts, see stock market quotes, check prices, trend of Nifty and Sensex.

Last but not least only those people no matter if they are investors or intraday traders , are successful who follow stoploss and follow market trend.

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