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Technical analysis is a term that been used by the experts on the basis of which they give their valuable comments on a particular stock. This is because they know the basic way outs and the loop holes of a particular stock. These are those professionals who bag with them a lot of technical and non technical experience with them. But as we see in our daily life, there is no way on which one can trust the direction of the stock; in the same way these experts give their best in their views to correctly notify the happenings of the market.

The professional investor looks at the same stocks and only buys when there is a SALE going on. He doesn't care about analysts or market hype. So when everyone has given up and sold, he is buying. After a month or two the stock rebounds and Wall Street loves the stock again. Analysts hope on board and upgrade the stock to a strong buy, raising estimates and new fools come in and buy the stock at the all time high. The professional investor then dumps his stock and looks to find the next stock that is at a bargain price.

Technical analysis is not an exact science for a trading system. It's an art and takes considerable experience. Not all studies work the same for every instrument traded. One study may give excellent buy and sell signals while another may not work for you at all. It's up to each individual trader to find those that will fit his or her specific needs.
"Technical analysis attempts to use past stock price and volume information to predict future price movements."

Three basic assumptions on which Technical Analysis is based:

1. The futures market discounts everything.
2. Prices move in trends
3. History repeats itself

Technical Analysis:

• Technical analysis is a very powerful tool and is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to predict financial market movements and build successful trading system. The term "technical analysis" is a complicated sounding name for a very basic approach to investing.
• Simply put, stock market analysis is the study of prices, with charts being the primary tool. So while it seems as if volume and technical analysis in general all have some market forecasting abilities, none are foolproof. Used together, they can be quite helpful in your trading and investing, but should be looked at more as helpful hints as to a markets bias, more than anything else.
• A technical analyst doesn't look at income statements, balance sheets, company policies, or anything fundamental about the company. The technical analysis looks at the actual history of trading and price in a security or index. This is usually done in the form of a chart. The security can be a stock, future, index, or a sector. It is flexible enough to work on anything that is traded in the financial markets.
• For a real Securities Analysis Make sure to get real-time STREAMING quotes if you trade often. The quotes should automatically update themselves. You should also be able to see bar charts that show at least two-minute intraday price action.

Technical Analysis Tips

1. Every technical analyst knows the importance of charts and indicators. But if these were all it took to make profitable trading decisions, everyone would be a winner.
2. Analyze market data in real time. Plan your own Market Timing strategy to make money, regardless of upward or downward trending markets.
3. "The trend is your friend" is the motto of technical analysis

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