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The people across the world are always seeking ways to maximize their capital and lead a luxurious life. The money earned from the stocks is often used by the investors to buy other stocks as well. The people of India are also not any exception, and they want to increase their capital. The stock market trading is mainly done by the people to maximize their funds. The money used by the investors to buy the stocks is mainly used for the development of the company and the country. The amount provided by the investors can turn a small company rise to a gigantic one in no time. This is because it gets the funds for the development of the company. The profit that the company has is being distributed amongst the investors and it is the return that they get after investing in the stocks. Again in the developing countries like India, the stock market can help in the development of the country and make it an emerging super power. You should try to have knowledge all about investment and trading. The people who want to invest in the Indian stock market they should be very careful as the market in India is the most volatile and hence keeps changing in instances. The proper knowledge of the stocks and the market is compulsory to gain profits or else you might end up losing your entire penny. So in order to be a successful investor you should understand the Indian stock market. 

About BSE
The Indian stock market has two stock exchanges, the BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) and the NSE(National Stock Exchange). The Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest of the stock exchanges in Asia. Moreover it is also world’s largest stock exchange in regards to the companies listed. It also provides the investors with a large number of companies to invest. The top notch companies’ shares are available with the BSE and it provides their investors with the opportunity to buy the stocks of the big companies. The operations of the Indian stock market are done under the guidance of the Securities and Exchange Board Of India (SEBI). This board protects the rights of the investors and provides them with the promotion of the various rights bestowed to them. The share market has not only helped the investors but it has been making the youths of India employed and earn their livelihood.

About primary and secondary market
The Indian stock market is divided into two types of markets -- primary and the secondary market. This system of market provides the chance for all the people to earn their livelihood. The companies in the primary market provide their investors with the direct stocks, which are available to the masses through the brokers allotted by the companies. The brokers of the companies get an amount as brokerage for their service to the company. But in the secondary market system, the stocks are available at the stock exchange and the people can buy the stocks from them. The stock exchanges charge certain amount as the brokerage from the companies. The multinational companies are also providing their stocks India and the investors are quite keen to invest their hard earned cash on them. The introduction of the multinational companies in Indian has augmented the dimensions of stock trading and hence this has greatly helped the government with the capital for the development of the country.

About demat services
The introduction of the demat services has endowed the Indian stock market with the great facilities as you do not need to carry the piece of papers but the shares can be saved at the computer. The introduction of these new techniques in Indian stock market has increased the number of investors. But the people always ask themselves a question if they understand the stock market well.  

The stock market in India has been made automated and the people now-a-days do not have to toil hard for investing in the stocks. But they can use the automated services and buy the stocks quite easily. Moreover the online services also provide the investors with the ease to invest in the stocks without even going to the stock exchange. The online buying and selling of the stocks can be done from home, you just need to go the website and you can do the dealings. So you can go for online stock trading without any worries.


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