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How to invest in a bad economy and bring strong stock in 2009

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In this year 2009, every one is in a heap of hope for the new coming of company projects and proposal since this greatly affects the growth of a stock market also. Each every investor was looking forward for their maximum profit. Of course that is true will there be anyone who played just for fun in a stock market? Definitely not even a single person because every investor was focusing when their invested money in the share market will be double and so on. We have well known that the economy is not that good from last years i.e. 2008 not only in India but also all over the world; this really brings a headache to the investors as well as to the different company. This in turn affect the workers also, they have to quit their job since the company have to short list the workers due to lack of finance, so we can say that bad economy affects all aspects of life not only the investors. So, let us have a look at how to invest in a bad economy and bring strong stock in 2009.

Will the economy grow?
According to the pre prediction made by the ADB economy will grow this year compare to last year by only one point, but still we don’t know whether it is true or not. So every investor were waiting the time and counting on it with nervousness and with lots of enthusiasms, In the meantime there are some company which have so many debts and bankrupt, who will help them out? What their investors will think about it? Who will suffer the most? Who will bare all the responsibility if in case the company has to be close? And who will compensate the investors since their risk their money for the company in the market.

All this things can happen within a single day, as we have heard through news AIG life insurance company was also help by the government and were sanction a huge amount of money, than only they can survive in the market, because of this they have some bad reputation as well as they lost some trusty in the market which will last for some time it may be short but has a greatly deep impact in terms of business, so not only this company there are quite lots of company who were bankrupt and were help by the World bank or other finance department. It is very important that you know the concepts of NSE, BSE…etc.

Investors investing in tension
If this is a case who will not worried about their investment? But as the world is moving around without taking a rest, the investment cannot stop at a sudden it has to go on, even though investors face problem , the company have to performed their daily routine, so even the investor still invest but with full of tension. As mention earlier our present economy is not up to our satisfaction, isn’t who can deny? No one, we are the main witness I suppose, so, because of the unexpected performance some how we still have to be in the market. Do try to know the concept of swing trading as well so that you have a brighter picture.

 I hope the investors often ask themselves ‘How will I still get good return even in this situation and where to invest, who will play the major game among the company’? So, in order to have a strong investment the investor must have a deep and conscious studies of all the big company that are recently in the news, what new idea they have and what was their net profit and how their market is going on. Different company performances greatly affect the stock market ant if their performance is not good they cannot have a good output or return for the company as well as to the investors. So, it is necessary to know how to invest in a bad economy and bring strong stock in 2009.


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