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Indian Stock Market Trading Tips

1. Do not over trade - If your trading capacity is Rs. 2,00,000 then avoid using margin. Infact trade with 1.5 Lakhs only.

2. Diversify- One should diversify his portfolio, invest in different sectors.

3. Buy when vibes are not good that is when stocks are on decline in other words buy at bad news. Sell when prices are high that is when there is good news.

4. Have realistic targets - Don't thinks of making crores in one single day. Market will open daily have realistic targets in your mind and trade with patience.

5. Stoploss - Always follow stoploss. Don’t be afraid of loosing sometime that is also learning experience.

6. Strategy - Don't cut positions in loss before stoploss and don’t exit in minor profit before target. Always wait for target.

7. Don’t always think of buying at low price and sell at higher price. Do not be afraid to buy at high price and sell at lower price.

8. Sell when everyone is buying and Buy when every one is selling.

9. Don’t be a buyer or seller always, Work as per market trend. Always follow market trend.

10. Take Long positions only in companies having strong fundamentally. For short term position find some good stock from speculation point of view.   



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