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The appealing Commodity market

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The appealing Commodity market
Money is the need to live well. Money opens gateways to complete your dreams. And, it is the money which inculcates confidence. While most of you, might ponder about the above. There are always those who are practical and who believe in this. In fact, this is the major acumen; the individuals are learning new ways to gather better finances. Hence, there are those which are pursuing a part time job along with the regular. Then, there are those which are fulfilling their passionate urges through start up. And, not to obliterate the ones which are investing their money in shares, bonds, real estate and commodities. If you belong to the latter category it will be interesting for you to comprehend with respect to the benefits of investing in commodities.

Before going into the benefits it will be better to have knowledge with regards to the attributes of the same:-


  • The best manner to invest in commodity is through a futures contract. The futures contract is basically an agreement to purchase, sell a specific commodity in the future at a specific price.

  • Futures are available for crude oil, natural gas, gold and a plethora of agricultural products.

  • And, yet again, with the setting up of 3 multi-commodity exchanges in India, retail investors have a better platform to trade in commodity.

  • If you are a market savvy investor, the commodities will make sure to be an asset to your portfolio.

  • It renders a diverse financial portfolio.

  • The pricing in the futures are most of the time less volatile, hence the investors will be able to gain benefit from the same.

  • If, you plan to inculcate the commodity futures as an investment option, there are 3 options available-

  • The National Commodity and Derivative Exchange

  • The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd

  • The National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.

  • The minimum investment can be as low as Rs. 15000/.

  • You can invest via cash or delivery mechanisms, in accordance with your feasibility.

Advantages of Commodity investment
There are some definite advantages associated with Commodity investment, which are listed in here:-

    • Safety- there is scenarios of economic uncertainty. And, again, there are instances when there is inflation. The share market suffers a lot during these times. However, when you have invested in the commodity market, like those involving gold, silver or platinum, a clear protection is pursued.

    • Diversification of your investment portfolio- this is the major objective you are investing in trade market for. The commodities further provide you with an up thrust to diversify your investment portfolio. When, you are already investing in stocks and bonds, it is suggestive to invest in raw materials as well.  The most amazing aspect is the diversification associated with a plethora of investment options, the one involving commodity market, will enhance risk adjusted returns and decrease volatility.

    • Clarity- when, there is considered finances, transparency is the need of investments. Since, there is large scale participation; hence, it is associated with fair price discovery. With huge participation is also reflected a plethora of perspectives and different outlooks.  This aid in the beneficial scenario.

    • Returns- there are huge swings in prices associated with commodity. Hence, if you have a well planned investment procedure; it opens novel opportunities to make profits in the market. Good and sensible planning goes into making profitable returns.

    • Waffling the risk-you need more money when, to purchase commodity from the various parts of the world, when rupee falls down. When, there is inflation, it is the price of the commodity which goes up. It is because the investors sell their stocks and bonds in order to pursue investment in commodities. Hence, with commodities as a part of your investment portfolio, you will be able to avail advantages.

    • Protection- during inflation, the commodity will help you to deal with the ups and downs do the market. It is through them that you will be in a safer place.

    • Low margin trading-when you are trading, you are required to deposit some margin with your broker. This can be 5 to 10% of the total value of the contract. This is again very less when compared to the asset class. Hence, you will be able to invest more with lesser capital.

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