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The art of making fortunes from stock market investments
All of us have heard about it, seen it read and read in the news of investors going from rags to riches just with the help of stock market investments. Stock trading is a relatively new concept of business that sprouted in the last three decades post the Industrial Revolution. To know what the stock market is and to know how it works it is essential to know about the various types of securities. A security can be a share of a company or a debenture that is issued under its official seal. Shares can be equity shares or preference shares depending on which their voting rights and right of redemption of capital will be determined. Debentures do not have voting rights but are entitled to regular interest payments.

The stock market is basically a place where the shares of various listed companies are bought and sold. Depending on the profitability and business performance of a company its shares will command a higher rate than its actual face value. Stocks are formed by consolidation equal denomination and class of shares into one category. These stocks can be bought only in bulk and not in individual unit. However, shares can be bought in units or in fraction depending on the company policy. Equity shares always have a large preference over other securities since they receive a good amount of profits in the form of dividend. They are equally risky since if a company fails to earn profits during a financial year it can cause much financial loss to the investor.

The prices of equity share keep fluctuating on a regular basis depending on the market forces of demand and supply. Where the demand for a stock is high its price will continue to increase until such demand is saturated. Investors can get free equity tips on mobile phones about real time stock movements to plan their stock acquisitions and disposals. Further, there are also experts and brokers who assist in providing guidance for buying and selling shares based on the market environment.

The free equity tips on mobile are usually sent by broking firms and advisory agencies to their registered users. The tips are hauled from research and study conducted by industry experts after considering various indices of the stock market. In India the stock price indices of NSE and BSE are much relied upon to know the overall market performance for the day. NSE and BSE are the dominant stock markets in India that handle a lion share of the registered stocks in the country.

They also have exclusive platforms for derivatives trading which is picking up slowly since its recent inception. The free equity tips on mobile are provided as a means to ensure that new investors are not stepping into financial potholes and mishaps due to ignorance of the trading mechanism. It also creates an equal opportunity for all to earn returns from their hard earned savings. Stock exchanges also offer additional assistance services to investors based on their individual requirements.

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