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Free Stock Future Tips for the Wannabe Investor

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It is true that there are different terms and trading strategies in the futures markets. Looking at the same, any new investor may feel confused. However, there is another truth. You stand the chance to make significant profits in this market. The only condition is that you should have a good understanding about the market, its different types and how the same works so that you can make profits on a consistent basis. So, buck as we are going to give you some free stock future tips. These tips will help you to understand the working pattern of each market and as a result, you will be able to plan different strategies accordingly to earn money. Therefore, let’s get started with free stock future tips.

Understanding Futures Markets
The term futures market or futures markets (more commonly referred to) is basically a meeting point platform for hedgers and speculators. This is where predictions are made by these guys on rise and fall of prices of commodities, currencies etc. This market too has trading risks but also holds the promise of substantial long and short term gains provided you have the potential to see the same. The possibility of substantial gain is due to high volatility in the market.

Different Types:
Commodities Market-
There are different types of futures markets and here in our free stock future tips we shall tell you about a few along with some useful trading strategies. The first is the commodities market. This is a centralized market which involves commodities like grains, precious metals, etc. So those who invest in this market as well as the speculators make predictions about rise and fall of prices at a particular time which is normally predetermined. If you want to go for trading commodities then you can opt for the strategy of using ‘straddles’. As per this strategy, you as an investor or speculator will assume that in the future there will be price volatility which means prices may rise or fall. You could also opt for buying a ‘call’ or a ‘put’ option. If you are sure that the price of an asset will increase in the future then choose the ‘call’ option and vice versa.

Next comes trading of currencies. It is the same as commodities. The only difference is that in place of commodities, you will speculate the rise and fall of prices of currencies. Regarding the strategies that can be used in trading of currencies, we suggest ‘scalping’ which is used quite often. Those who opt for this strategy are referred to as scalpers and their objective is to focus on short-term profits when the value of a currency rises. If you trade consistently as a scalper, your profits will increase over time and finally when you add up all your profits together, your total profits will be significant. However, you should understand that this process of making profit has a short time frame. It may last you several days or may be over in 60 seconds. Moreover, you should keep in mind that since the profits are small and short-term, therefore, you must be much disciplined in your approach and execution.

Index and Interest Rate Futures-
Apart from these two, you can also trade on indexes and interest rates. Investors trading in index and interest rate futures, depend on strategies that are timing based. The S & P 500 index futures contract is a top draw amongst investors who trade in index futures contracts while future contracts on interest rates is popular amongst investors trading on interest rates. Both the trading formats use timing based strategies and the two common ones are cycle and seasonal trading. In cycle trading, an investor studies the historical data of an asset to find out it’s up and down cycle. For stock index futures, two cycles are commonly used. One is the 23 week cycle and the other is the 2 week cycle. If you are a savvy investor, you can make large gains by simply studying the price trends because the same is associated with cycles. In case of seasonal trading, it is trying to trade on the seasonal effects in the markets. Throughout the year, there are varying levels of trade which is actually a pattern that repeats every year. You can make money by understanding the different seasonal trends.   


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