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How To Invest Money In stock Market

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  1. Be mentally Prepared

Keep your emotion at  Bay, Be mentally prepared to witness lots of swings that is up’s and down in the market. So don’t panic

  1. Open Demat and Trading Account

First step to enter into the world of stock market investment is to open Demat and trading account. Find some good broker and open it.

  1. Based on Your Risk Appetite make deposit

Figure out how much is the capital which you can afford to lose? Using the word lose as when we invest money in stock market there is probability of loss too, So this capital should be the maximum amount which in case you lose should not affect your financial health and goals much.

  1. Figure out your investment goal

Now answer yourself, Why you want to invest in stock market? Is it for quick returns, dividends, and bonus or for long term with combination of all?

  1. Find some good investment adviser

SEBI registered investment adviser can help you in a long way to meet your investment goals in a proper legit manner.

  1. Let Sharetipsinfo do your Risk profiling is a SEBI registered investment adviser operating since 2006, So let them do your Risk profiling and guide you to meet your financial goals as per that

  1. Diversify  Investment

Never invest whole money in one stock or one sector. Its highly advisable to diversify it into multiple stocks of different sectors. Certified financial advisers like Sharetipsinfo can help you with it.

  1. Invest as per levels

Market timing is critical and most important. Always invest as per the levels of Sharetipsinfo and follow them properly.

  1. Book profit or Loss as Advised

Nothing is 100% when we talk about investment in Stock market. So be ready to book profit as well as loss. Don’t panic in case of loss as same can be covered. Don’t overinvest in case of profit as it might be risky.

  1. Start counting profit

Follow expert advice step by step and let your investment value grow day by day.


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Below Infographic will highlight all main points like how a beginners can start investing money in Stock market for profit



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