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All About Insider Trading

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The market for financial instruments happens to be a highly volatile one. The investors who are staking their money on the shares and the stocks of a particular company must do their homework well for not just making profits but also to avoid losses. The investors can make profits by making slow moves by buying cheap shares and selling them at a high rate.

However to do this in a proper manner the investors not only need to keep a close tag on the price rise and fall of their chosen shares but at the same time must keep a note of certain external factors that can affect the prices of the shares. One such aspect is the data of insider trading.

What is Insider Trading?
The very terminology ‘Insider Trading’ gives off vibes of secrecy. Actually, it would not be very wrong to put the phenomena in that way. Insider trading data will refer to the information that can be accessed only by certain insiders of the company, whose shares and stocks are at stake in the market. For example, the CEO of a company or a government employee will be considered to have insider trading information when the shares of these concerns or organization are at stake. These insiders will have information about the company which will be unknown to the rest of the buyers in the market.

This closed information, which has not been made available for the rest of the public is considered to be the insider trading data, something that can provide a huge benefit and advantage to the insiders when it comes to investment. However, the question here is how far is this phenomenon a justified one!

Two Types Insider Trading
There can be two variations of the phenomena – illegal and legal. When the insider of a company uses the insider trading information without making it public then the process is said to be an illegal one. This provides a huge advantage to the insiders that are not there for the rest of the buyers. This as per the established laws of investment trading is a punishable offense.
On the other hand, if the insider traders do declare their purchase and sale of stocks within two days of their transaction, the same gets recorded in their company details, which is taken down in the format of Form 4. This information is then tabulated and is circulated amongst the online portals of insider trading data. If the transactions of the insiders do gets notified within two days then the process remains to be a legal one.

Insider Trading Data For Investors
Insider trading data can prove to be of a huge benefit and advantage for the general investors. It is common sense that the employees or the top management of a company will be having a greater access to the internal information of a company than the rest of the buyers in the general market. They will be having all the information on the future progress and developments that waist the company. This is the information that will help them to discern whether the share of the company will be growing in its value in the future or will be depreciating. Hence the pattern of their purchase of their own company's shares and stocks can be a great way to discern and decide for the general buyers.

Experts of the trade have opined that investors must keep a good note of the insider trading data. There could be various reasons why an insider will sell his company's stocks and shares but there can be just one reason why he will buy – when the estimated value is about to rise.

Do Not Follow Blindly
Having said all that, it also needs to be mentioned that investors must consider other facts and dynamics relevant to the trade and not just base their decisions and moves on the basis of insider trading data. There are a large number of authentic sites like Yahoo Finance and SEC Edgar Database, that can provide you with authentic insider trading information. Using them prudently is up to the investor.
Be sure to consider the other developments in the external financial world, so that you can make the most of the market opportunity.


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