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In share market you must have often heard the term commodities exchange. Share market is place where a novice can also make money if he knows the trading rules. But this entirely depends on luck, trading clues, fundamental behaviour of market, currency rates and other factors.  The share price varies from time to time and this might also change every second.

What is Commodity Exchange?

Commodity exchange is nothing but a non-profit organisation that determines the procedures and rules for trading different types of commodities. It is related to investment like commodity future. The modern commodity markets started by trading agricultural products like cattle, corn, pigs and wheat. Nowadays the commodity market trades different investment vehicles that are utilised by various types of investors.

There are various sectors where you can invest but the dominant ones are real estate, construction, finance, oil, realty, steel, food and beverage, jewellery, metal, consumer goods and packing. The best sector to invest is normally advised by an expert. They take into account several factors like balance sheet, turnover, fundamental trading commodity of the Company and volumes traded. You can also take help from NCDEX tips to trade better.

 How to Invest Better?

Today there are many sectors where you can invest but it is you who has to decide whether to get short term or long term returns. Trading experts say that during economic crisis it becomes tough to invest on particular commodity and identify the sector that will give you most benefits. Therefore it is always better to go for stock with mid cap value because their price will never go too down. In way you will one safer side while investing on these commodities. On the contrary commodities with large cap stocks will dip drastically

Know about NCDEX

NCDEX or National Commodities and Derivative Exchange is one of India’s most recognised commodities exchange. This was established in 2003 and was funded by some of the leading Indian financial institutes like National Stock Exchange, ICICI bank and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. It is headquartered in Mumbai but has its offices all over India to facilitate trading. Generally it does trading in 45 commodities that are a part of India economy. These include rice, silver, Brent Crude oil with other agricultural products and different types of base metals. Here you can get all types of NCDEX tips to trade commodities.

 Plan before Investing: Know Short and Long Term Investments

Whenever you plan to invest the first question that comes to your mind is in what you should invest? Before proceeding further you should have clear understanding of share market so that you can reap maximum profits. For those who want to yield benefits in short time should go for critical sectors but this does not mean that you will act blindly. On the other hand if you want to move in long term investment then you should head for traditional investment.
When you want to go for long term investments then you should go through the history of the Company. Next thing that you should do is know the dividend amount it distributes to its share holders and the percentage of share ration between the public and the Company. After this you should know about the terms of investment, usually they are two types which are short term and long term. In short term investment the investor normally buys shares and keeps it for 3 to 6 months. You should take into account the profit margin and stock selection because these play a vital role. If you are not very sure of all these take help of Equity advisor. You can also take get an idea from NCDEX tips.

In long term investment the investor purchases stock and keep in his portfolio for more than six months which can extend up to one year also. Here the portfolio management plays a key role and you should eye on dividends and duration of the investment.

 Brokerage Houses and Exchanges

Today most of the trading is done online and in collaboration with brokerage houses keeping exchanges like Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange in row. Some of the well known brokerage houses are HDFC Securities, India Infoline, Mangal Traders, Reliance Money, ICICI Direct and others.

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