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Why should I never try to invest in the market without any research?

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10 secrets for making money in the stock market
Investment has become a common means to build money. So, there was the time that this imperative tool and profile was taken care of by the elite and the upper class. And, today the scenario has altered. The acclamation for the same goes to tabloids, the media and the newspapers.
 The most interesting aspect with regards to the investment pursued is that the individuals, the investors and the like are no more ignorant to the aspects about the phenomenon. They are well read. They aspire to gain more knowledge. They want to do better.

In order to quench the thirst of all you investors who are in the process of investing in the stock market, here is a list of 10 secrets which will aid you in making more money and at the same time diversifying your profile:

    • 1). Don’t get influenced- so, as an investor you are not the only one in the market. When you are deciding with respect to the investment or purchasing of a stock, there is a probability that you are influenced by the fellow investor. It is like getting trapped in the herd mentality. This will do no good, especially in the long run. There is more probability of you losing money when you follow the herd than otherwise.

    • 2). Timing the market is a myth- you cannot time the market. This is almost impossible. Even the financial gurus and the best investors of their time, have failed to do so. If you do not want to lose your money in the stock market, cease yourself from timing it. You may be having a strong view with respect to price levels or some shares, but, catching the tops and bottoms is not really possible.

    • 3). Patience is the key- this is an indispensable facet associated with the stock market. You cannot give room to panic and take an impromptu decision. In fact, make sure to pursue investment in a systematic manner. And, when the market is really rough, keep patience. In the share market, outstanding returns come to those, who have patience as the key.

    • 4). Fear and greed are your ace enemies- being a human; it is absolutely fine to have emotions. However, the two emotions which can act as your biggest enemy in the stock market are fear and greed. There will be many instances where you will be lured to invest in a particular stock or share after hearing of its outstanding returns. This is where you are required to take care of your greedy emotions and decide in accordance with the risks involved and the like. And yet, again selling the share at a very low price due to empowering fear is no good.

    • 5). Expect realistically- there is a probability that you have invested in a particular stock which has been doing really fine. However, you need to understand that this is share market, and ups and downs are expected. Hence, do not blindly raise your expectations, just to experience trouble later.

    • 6). Your hard earned money is yours- you are planning to invest in the stock market, with the hard earned money you have. It is strongly advised to keep surplus funds for your family and yourself safely, and then plunge into this market. This will have a two folded impact. The first one will be confidence pertaining to the fact that your family is safe. And, second you will be able to take calculative risk not being perplexed with regards to the future of your family.

    • 7).Monitoring- this is another significant rule. You have to monitor and keep an eye on every move which can have an impact on the market. This will aid you with smart investment and better returns.

    • 8). Stay away from stocks- if you are a long term investor this golden rule will definitely aid you. You are required to stay away from the stocks which are associated with less than 50% delivery.

    • 9). Give preference to futures and options stocks-the acumen behind this is the stability and reliability the futures and options stock have associated with them.

    • 10).Be updated- whether it is the latest in news, knowledge pertaining to the stock market, or the like stay updated to gain profit.

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