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Mastering the art of trading in Indian stock markets using share bazaar tips
The Indian stock market has become the cynosure of global investors since the last decade. India is one economy that has displayed enormous boost in industrial activity. The country opened up its doors to foreign investments and services with the Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization policies which led to the growth of many unconventional businesses to become main stream in the Indian stock market. The Indian stock market is largely dominated by two major stock exchanges – BSE and NSE. With the introduction of the LPG policies the stock exchanges woke up to a new dawn where enterprises started sprouting up on a daily basis. The end of license raj resulted in more private organizations setting up business in India which improved the standard of living drastically.

Intraday trading and its features
Intraday trading refers to the activity of buying, selling or holding on to stocks for trade within the same day or session. The stocks shall not be carried forward to the next day and hence is also known as Day Trading. Being short term in nature and heavily dependent on market pressures, intraday trading is one of the toughest and difficult trades to master. It requires carefully laid out financial planning and stock analysis to prevent losses and to make yield earning transactions. Intraday trading will yield returns only to those who have an eye for details, speculation referring to share bazaar tips and business logic. For someone who makes decisions based on impulse and emotions, intraday trading can spell doom within a short while.

The risk return proportion of intraday trading
Every investor whether an amateur or experienced is very well aware of the heavy risk involved in intraday trading. The only consolation is that the high risk is complemented by high returns. The profits can be recognized immediately since the trade is not carried over to the next day. Investors do not have to worry about their shares further plummeting in price since they are disposed off within a short while. It is this risk return proportion of intraday that has attracted many retail investors to take up intraday trading as a full time profession. Intraday trading is also far less complicated in processes compared to the actual stock trading business which also includes a good deal of paperwork.

Risk free intraday trading
There is no concept of risk free trading in the stock market. Every single transaction bears a certain amount of risk that the investor has to bear. However, sticking to the basics of proper of selection of stocks, having a disciplined trading pattern, logic based decision making, etc. will ensure that you are able to eliminate most of the spurious or possible loss creating transactions. Referring to share bazaar tips that provide detailed information of current happenings in the share market will also help in clinching the best deals on a timely basis. Although risky the share market is a great investment platform that can provide returns higher than any other conventional forms of investments.

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