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We all have come across the term stock market on a number of occasions as such we all have an idea, even though vague about the stock market. Many of us must be aware of the stock market, which is also known as the share market, as an ideal investment vehicle that enables us to invest our savings or our money by trading in securities. The trading in the stock market here implies both the buying as well selling of securities. The term securities here refer to the shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, etc of companies that are listed in the stock exchanges. It is a known fact that all investors desire liquidity for their investments. As such they invest in these shares or in other words in the securities so that they can be easily as well as immediately converted in cash when needed. As such the investors need a place where they can either buy or sell these securities and this place are the stock exchanges. But even after taking so many precautions certain malpractices are still being carried on, at times even inside the registered stock exchanges. As such it becomes very essential to enumerate a comprehensive yet simple stock market guide and tips that can help us as well assist us in choosing correctly the right place for investing our money as well as protect us from getting duped in these stock exchanges.

Investing in these stock exchanges there are lesser chances of you being duped:
It is to be noted here that only those companies can issue shares, for the purpose of subscription by the public, which are listed in the registered stock exchanges. Stock exchanges are the market where the securities, that includes both government as well as other corporate securities, are either bought or sold. All companies that are willing to raise money from the public should at first be listed in these stock exchanges. Since the trading in these stock exchanges takes place as per the prescribed rules, regulations, norms that are specified for every transaction, the dealings in the stock exchanges are thus more or less safe. As such by investing in these stock exchanges there are lesser chances of you being duped. But the stock exchanges are allotted the trading rights in certain areas or regions only. As such there are many regional stock exchanges besides the ones that fall under the category of stock exchanges with a national presence.

Investing in the stock market is not as easy as it seems like:
But investing in the stock market is not as easy as it seems like. Though when we talk about the investments and stock market all sounds very pleasant and trouble free but in reality investing in the stock market is no child’s play. You need to have prior as well as proper knowledge about the stock market as well as the shares you want to invest it. The stock market only lists the shares of different companies that are enlisted in the stock exchanges. It provides neither suggestions nor advice regarding the securities or companies in which you should invest the money and in which you should not. It only provides you with all the available options and it is you who have to pick the one you think will provide you with the best possible return on your investments.

Securities in the stock market are placed in a very cumbersome manner:
If you have been visualizing the online stock market akin to a departmental store where you will find all the shares and stocks being neatly placed in shelves under different headings in a very organized manner, you will be very disappointed to know that it is in fact completely opposite to it. The securities in the stock market are placed in a very cumbersome manner and are completely disorganized. No one will distinguish the securities as good and bad and put it under their respective headings. You have to analyze and classify the shares yourself. As such it is not easy to invest in the stock market and you have to follow the stock market guide and tips if you really want to be successful in the stock market.

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