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10 Rules for stopping losses in Stock market

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1. Don’t break your rules

You made them for tough situations, just like the one you are probably in right now.

2. Don’t try to get even

Trading in Indian stock market is never a game of catch – up .Every position must stand on its merits .Take your loss with composure and take the next trade with absolute discipline.

3. Don’t trade over your head

If your last name isn’t Buffett or jhujhunwala, don’t trade like them .Concentrate on playing the game well and don’t worry about making money.

4. Don’t seek the Holy Grail rely on experts   

There is no secret trading formula, other than solid risk management .So stop looking for it.

5. Don’t forget your discipline

Learning the basics is easy. Most traders fail due to a lack of discipline, not a lack of knowledge .

6. Don’t chase the crowd

Listen to the beat of your own drummer .By the time crowd acts, you are probably too late…or it’s too early.

7. Don’t ignore the warning signs 

Big losses rarely come without warning .Don’t waits for a life boat to abandon a sinking ship.

8. Don’t forget the plan

Remember the reasons you look the trade in the first place, and don’t get blinded by volatility.

9. Don’t confuse execution with opportunity

Overpriced software won’t help you trade like a pro .Pretty colors and flashing lights make you a faster trader, not a better one.

10. Don’t think its entertainment

Trading should be boring most of the time, just like the real job you have right now.



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