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Sensitizing Your Investment Acumen through Stock Option Tips

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The stock market trading activity has been prevalent for quite some time now. And more people are opting for this way of earning every year. However, not all are successful. It takes great strategies, knowledge and some time to become successful in this trade. Venturing ahead into the investment and expecting good returns without adequate knowledge would be like the needle in the hay. So, let’s understand a few aspects before we begin our journey into the stock market through some stock option tips.

Although, many people have got high returns on their investments, no one can guarantee the same to you. That’s why you should only invest the amount you are able to lose in dire consequences. I am not trying to frighten you, but the fact is that most people expect to see the moolah very shortly, and that’s when they lose. If you want to see the returns, you need to be patient. Patience pays – doesn’t it? And that’s one of our foremost stock option tips.

As a beginner while using stock options tips, do not go for credit strategies which are complex. You might end up with the wrong orders by doing so. Once you are familiar with the trade, you may go for complex orders. But, initially, stick to simple strategies.
As the new saying goes; practice makes a man and a woman perfect – try practicing how to trade before you actually trade. For this, there are many companies which offer trial options. You may first practice trading and then once you are confident enough, you may begin the actual trading. This way, you have minimal risk of losing your money. Yes, there might not be much profit in the beginning, but eventually, you will be able to see your money grow.

Consider a genuine brokerage company for your trading. You could check out the following with regards to your broker.

  • How much is the accuracy rate of the company? Check their past results too.

  • Does your brokerage firm provide Nifty call, Nifty put, Stock call and stock put options?

  • Are there intraday tips available?

  • How many positions can remain in a day? It would be good if at least one or two positions remain open in a day.

  • How clear are the entry and exit levels?

  • How much is the minimum trading capital required? If you plan to invest a small amount in the beginning, search for a brokerage firm which will accept a low amount.

  • How fast are the tips delivered to you? You may lose out if there is a delay in the delivery of tips. Efficient mediums to deliver tips include telephonic, sms and messenger tips.

  • How good is the support and follow up system of the firm? You don’t want to wait for an urgent reply before you trade, do you?

Look for the expiration of the options or positions. As a beginner, you could go for one which has an expiry of at least after 3 months.
Try to use options like conditional orders or trailing stop loss to automate your stop loss policy. You may also want to protect your investment against undesired incidents by using put options by hedging your stock holdings.

Invest in chunks instead of investing the whole amount in one go. This way, if in case you do lose, you only lose part of your capital.
Use time tested strategies. Remember, more important than your money is the strategy you apply to get good returns. Although option traders would suggest the best strategies, the final verdict will be yours. You need to make the right decisions in a tactful manner and of course at the right time through stock option tips. This is where your entire result will depend. Your one move can be the deciding factor on whether you win or lose.

Research as much as you can. Ask questions to your broker. Clear all your doubts and concerns. Do not hesitate to ask a question just because you feel that your question might make you look foolish. Remember, there is no stupid question except for the question “May I ask a question?” Proceed further only once you are confident to do so. After all, if you gain everyone will applaud, but if you lose, you know what happens – right?

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