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Share market volatility

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Get clear analysis
If you are willing to invest your money in the stock market or in the share market, I would suggest that you at first have a very close and clear analysis or study of the market situations, the nature of stocks, etc. By doing so there is are fewer chances for you to incur losses. Losses though cannot be avoided but can at least be reduced to some extent if you make a careful and cautious decision after a thorough scrutiny of the share market or the stock market. It is here that the concept of the volatility of stock creeps in.

Share market is unpredictable
We all know that no one can ever correctly forecast the eventual result in a share market because it changes very rapidly and these changes are just unpredictable. This is so because the share market or the stock market follows no definite pattern or sequence when it changes. As such it becomes very difficult to trace or assess the sequence in which it changes. The share market is so unpredictable that you cannot even foretell what story it will put on view tomorrow. So risk is an inevitable part of the stock market. However still with the introduction of the concept of the volatility of stock this difficult task of predicting correctly the fate of the share market has been eased to some extent. If you do not have good and clear knowledge of the functions of NASDAQ, then you should make sure that you learn it.   

Stock volatility
The term stock volatility or the volatility of stock has been explained differently by different authors and experts in this field. As such there are too many definitions available on the volatility of the stocks. But we would not go on to the definitions provided by the experts as they are always written and structured in a way or manner that they are written by the experts and for the use of the experts only. As such this definitions are very difficult to understand and will only make you more confused. Thus, we will stick to our simple language to make you understand these terms.  Stock volatility or the volatility of the stocks refers to the potential or the prospects of a particular security (that is shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, etc) to undergo tremendous change in its price or value within a specified period of time. In other words the volatility of the stocks refers to any changes or alteration in the value of the shares and stock within a certain given period of time. It is to be mentioned here that the changes or the alteration referred to above is the degree of either increase or decrease in the value of the stocks and the shares. The time period that is required in the process of assessing the volatility of the stocks is generally pre determined. Thus the changes that take place only within that particular period are to be taken in to consideration.

The persons who are willing to invest their money in the stock market or share market by purchasing securities that is other words by buying stocks and shares, are referred to as the investors. These investors and the stock brokers are generally the class of people who make use of the method of assessing the volatility of stocks. Usually the assessments of stock volatility are undertaken before purchasing or rather investing in the stock market so as to ensure that the decision made by the investors and the brokers are appropriate. Also this method of assessment is generally adopted to make certain that the decision will provide them the maximum benefit on their investments and at the same time ensure that the loss, that is if incurred, would not in any way adversely affect them. 

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