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When to trade aggressively in the Share Market

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Many a times we come across certain people or rather prospective investors who happens to come up with some rather interesting as well as meaningful questions. The other day, one such question that we came across was by an elderly man who wished to make an investment in the stock market. The elderly man came up with the question as regard to the appropriate time when to trade aggressively?

Time as we all know is not stagnant and is thus dynamic or ever changing and so in order to keep pace with time we need to change things as per the changes in time:
As we can all see today the times have changed to a great extent and with the time the investment world too has undergone considerable changes? Earlier be it the investments in the share market or in any other investment scheme or trading strategy, it was not considered as important as it is considered in the present day. In fact, it so happens in the present day that the investors regard the stock market to be their temple, that is a sacred place and they themselves act as if they were its devotees. However, the question that arises here is why. Is it for the sole reason that the investment schemes enable them to earn huge amount of profits?

The investors in the present day seems to be obsessed with their investments as that it all that the investors can keep thinking day in and day out:
From the way that these investors act and behave, it only seems as if all the investors have become die hard fans of the investment schemes and plans. They follow the online stock market so closely that ultimately all that they can end up is thinking about these investment schemes and offers as well as the profits and the returns earned or to be earned, etc. Wherever they are whatever work they are, doing revolves in and around the investment schemes, plans etc. Be it directly or indirectly, in some way or the other the investors end up thinking about the returns on their investments. In other words it seems as if the investors have been blinded by the investments scheme so much so that they simply just cannot think beyond it.  

Investments in the present day have turned the investors into maniacs who cannot think about anything else but how to investment their money and thus earn huge profits:
The situation in the present day has actually become grim because excess of anything and everything is bad. Every thing has a limit and it is advisable that people stay well within that limit and thus do not cross their line. But it has been seen that the investors in the present day has long back crossed their danger line. Be it the television or the internet or the radio, the only news or programs that interest and is able to hold the attention of the investors are the ones that provide live and up to date information about the position of various stocks and shares and other investments.


Investing in the right stocks
Thus, from all that have been discussed above, it would not entirely be wrong on our part to say that people, rather the investors especially the ones who have just started have become not simply obsessive but addicts. They have in fact become addicted to the cash that they have invested and thus they are in an immediate and serious need for grueling rehabilitation. The investments in the present day, without a doubt have become an integral part of each and every investor’s life. Whether they eat, sleep, drink or work, all that they can think about are the returns or profits they have earned or are suppose to earn or the losses they have incurred or are expected to incur. It is this obsessive nature of the investors that have led them to trade aggressively and thus incur losses. Aggressive attitude should be avoided as far as possible as it will only lead you towards making wrong decisions and thus incurring losses. Thus now you know when to trade aggressively.

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