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Advance tax mop-up posts dismal growth, rises by just 6% in H1FY20

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The tax authorities are faced with a steep revenue collectiontarget for 2019-20, with advance tax mop-up posting dismal growth in the first half of the financial year, indicating a deepening economic slowdown.

The overall advance tax collection, including corporate and personal income tax, grew by 6 per cent between April and mid-September as against 18 per cent in the year-ago period, according to sources in the know.

Direct tax collectionhas seen a growth rate of mere 5 per cent so far this year, which means that collections will need to expand by at least 27 per cent in the remaining half to achieve the Budget target of 17.3 per cent growth.

Advance tax collectionafter the second instalment stood at Rs 2.2 trillion. The gross direct tax collectionhas touched Rs 5.5 trillion as against the full-year target of Rs 13.35 trillion.

Within the advance tax collection, corporation tax mop-up grew by 6.5 per cent and personal income tax by 3.5 per cent.

“The revenue situation remains grim on account of the economy expanding slower than expected and key industries being impacted. If the situation does not improve, meeting the collection target will be impossible,” said a government official.

India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth plummeted to a 25-quarter low of 5 per cent in the first quarter of FY20.

The tax buoyancy estimated this year at 1.44 is higher than 1.21 achieved last year. In simple terms, it means if nominal GDP expands by 10 per cent, direct tax collectionwill grow by 14.4 per cent, which appears near impossible in the current situation. Nominal GDP grew by just 8 per cent in the first quarter as against 12 per cent budgeted for FY20. Several institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), have cut India’s growth forecast.

Saudi oil strike | Where is crude headed and how worried should India be?

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 Substantial supply disruptions, post attacks on Saudi oil field
- Crude oil prices soar in trade
- Iran the main suspect behind the attacks, geopolitical tension escalating
- US orders release of strategic oil reserve to ease supply issues
- Huge inventory and spare capacity to make up for lost barrels
- In the short term, India could feel the heat

The disruptive weekend attacks on Saudi Arabian oil fields have left oil prices rocketing and geopolitical environment tensed. With around 60 percent of the kingdom’s output at stake and disruption in nearly 6 percent of the world oil production, there have been talks of further price surge. In the event of any further geopolitical action and escalation, near-term firming up in crude prices cannot be ruled out.

While the prices would remain elevated in the near term, we see prices to normalise in the absence of retaliatory action. Though the extent of damage and the restoration period is unknown at present, we do believe that there is capacity in the global markets that would be willing to grab the lost barrels. Large inventories, spare capacity and strategic reserves could also provide some cushion. This would enable normalisation of the crude supply sooner than anticipated right now.n the shorter term, however, elevated crude prices could stand as a negative for Indian downstream oil and gas companies that source a major portion of their supply from the international market, which could get costly now. It would also mean higher raw material costs and lower margins for allied sector companies. However, higher crude price could bring short-lived respite for upstream oil and gas producers.

Nearly 60 percent of Saudi production at stake

In the early hours of September 14, 10 unmanned aerial vehicles struck the world’s biggest crude-processing facility in Abqaiq and oil fields in Khurais, triggering huge fires. Saudi Aramco, the kingdom’s state-owned oil company, said the attack has impacted nearly 60 percent of the kingdom's output and the company had to suspend around 5.7 million barrels from its production. This accounts for almost 6 percent of the world oil production. The price of Brent crude, the international benchmark, rose by more than 10 percent in the early hours of trading.

BPCL, HPCL, IOC appear bullish on the charts despite a surge in oil prices

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Nifty Energy Index has been consolidating in the range of 14,730 - 13,750 since August. The formation seems like triple-bottom and a breakout would mean can take the index to 15,000 markBrent oil prices rallied on Monday, surging past the $70 a barrel mark after the largest-ever disruption of crude production in Saudi Arabia amid drone attacks on its key facilities. The disruption, analysts say, may keep oil prices elevated in the near term.

 Brent oil sees biggest intra-day jump in 28 years. Can the up move sustain? "Global oil supplies may be adequately met through large inventories and strategic reserves; however, moderation in oil prices will depend on full restoration of Saudi’s production, which may at least take a few weeks.

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Govt exploring options to sell majority stake in BPCL to global oil firm

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India is considering a plan to sell the nation’s second-largest state refiner and fuel retailer to a global oil company as it explores options to give up its controlling stake in Bharat Petroleum Corp., people with knowledge of the matter said.

The government is keen to lure multinational companies in the domestic fuel retailing to boost competition and shake up a sector that’s long been dominated by state-run firms, the people said, asking not to be identified as the plan is not public. The Business Standard newspaper reported on September 2 government’s plan to sell a majority stake in the company. It holds 53.3 per cent in BPCL.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has set a record target of raising 1.05 trillion rupees ($14.8 billion) in the current financial year from sale of state firms. The government’s fiscal deficit target of 3.3 per cent of GDP is at risk due to sluggish revenue collections on the back of growth slowdown, limiting the government’s ability to spend on infrastructure and welfare programs.

Offloading its holding in Bharat Petroleum can help meet more than 40 per cent of the aim based on the closing price on September 12. Finance ministry spokesman Rajesh Malhotra could not be immediately reached for a comment.

Early Stage

The talks are at an early stage and it’s unclear how long it will take to finalise a decision and what option the government will choose, the people added. A move to privatise BPCL will need parliament’s approval.

Saudi Aramco is targeting refining deals in India, while Russia’s Rosneft PJSC has already invested in oil refining and fuel marketing. Others such as Total SA, Shell and BP Plc are also expanding into fuel retailing in India. The International Energy Agency expects energy demand to more than double by 2040.

An earlier attempt to sell state refiners Hindustan Petroleum Corp. to a single investor and Bharat Petroleum to the public was stalled by a Supreme Court order in 2003 following protests by labor and political groups.

Bharat Petroleum was previously Burmah Shell, which in 1970s was nationalised by an act of Parliament. Burmah Shell, set up in the 1920s, was an alliance between Royal Dutch Shell and Burmah Oil Co. and Asiatic Petroleum (India).

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How to make fast money

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Most of the people in this world try to look for different ways to make fast or quick money by investing in different things. It is important to note that earning fast money might be very risky for you because you have to get the right type of investment and that too at the best time. You would be happy when you get the best type of plan for you that would help you to gain good money and that too within a very short period of time. You have to know that being greedy is very bad and also you need some good patience to know when and where you should invest in it. There are some people who try to make money online by completing surveys and other things. There are many websites that promises you of good money online but it is to be noted that you cannot guarantee that they would really pay you good amount of money unless the website that you have visited is an authenticated one. So you should try to get genuine website that would help you to fetch good amount of money without having to go out from your place. You would be able to earn quite a lot of money by spending time sitting in front of your computer. You should therefore try to make a good research which website would be the ultimate one for you to gain the maximum amount of profit by doing work online. You can try to look at the comments or feedbacks that are left by different visitors and you could come to know whether the particular website would be the right and safest one for you. There are some other important things that you should try to concentrate when you try to get some good sources to make fast money. You should not try to go for doing any type of online job that requires money for its registrations unless you are quite sure that the website is 100% genuine and safe. There are instances where people lose all their money and they also lose their hope of making any good money online. You need to be very careful and for this you have to research on the website by visiting different forums where you would be able to gain good understanding about it. You have to get the right idea how to make fast money.


Invest in shares and stocks

You can also try to make your investment in stocks after a careful analysis of the market. Remember that if you wish to make some stock investment then you should also try to know the risks involved in it. This would help you to remain alert and the best thing that you need to do is to watch the market very carefully. It is also possible to know what is going on in the market by looking at the stock charts as well. You have to find out the history of the stocks how it performed in the past so as to get the right idea where you should invest in the market. It is also important to know how to invest in stocks online after visiting a genuine website. This would also help you gain good money online and you would be able to make the best money out of your investment without any worries. So you need to understand the market condition very carefully and avoid making huge investment in the stocks.


Invest in gold

Investment in gold and silver commodities can also help you to earn fast money as you know that the prices of these commodities are always on a rise. You would therefore be able to earn good and fast money by investing in it. It is also important to decide the budget that you wish to invest in gold and silver and you should also try to take your own decision without asking for any help from your friends who might misguide you. It is your own cash that you should not let it go waste by investing in the wrong time. Thus you came to know how to make fast money.


Can sharetipsinfo help me to become successful in the market?

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When investing in the stock market you have to know all the insights of the market and its working conditions as well. If you are not ready to take any risks in the market then you should try to think twice before investing in the stocks. You also need to know that the conditions of the stock market always keep on changing and so you need to know that you should be very well knowledgeable about the market. In this case you have to visit a good as well as reliable website where you can get all the latest updates of the market. Getting the right updates and that too at the right time is both very important and you would be able to reap the maximum gains from the market. You can also check the stock charts where would be able to gain knowledge on what is happening in the stock market. But the first thing that is very important for you is to get hold of a good website so that you can get all your doubts cleared. In this case you can always get the updated status of the different stocks by visiting This website has been designed for people who are very interested to invest in the stock market but due to lack of good resources they are not able to make any good decision about the market.  You can get all types of information related to stock market, mutual funds and you would be able to clear all your doubts about the market as well. But there might be some questions on your mind like, “Can sharetipsinfo help me to become successful in the market?” So let us have a look at this so that you can get the right information and get your queries solved.


Get share tips online

You would be able to get share tips online by making a visit to this particular website. There are also different important sections that you can find in the website. All these sections are very important and it helps you a lot to resolve all your doubts or queries that you have on your mind. If you are willing to invest in the mutual funds then you have to know all the insights of it and you can find all such related information by visiting Finding the right type of stocks and then investing in it can greatly help you make the maximum profits from the share market.  It is important for you to understand your budget and then make your way in the stock market. If you are not sure about the conditions then it would be quite impossible for you to take the right step in the market.  Researching the market can take a lot of time but in the course of time you would be able to become an expert after getting all the latest information of the stocks in the market. If you are not sure about a particular stock then you would have to wait for the right time and then invest in the market. By doing this you can make the right investment and that too at the best time of the market. You would also be able to gain much confidence from the market which is very important.


Get news and stock alerts

You can also find stock alerts by visiting the particular website and you would be proud of yourself after finding that this has been one of the best steps that you have taken by visiting it. You can also try to read the different stock articles that would help you to remain quite knowledgeable about the market. So you can get to learn many things when you visit the website. When do not have all the required knowledge of the market then you should try to visit this particular website and you would be sure of your profits from your stock investments in the market. So you have now got the answer to your query on, “Can sharetipsinfo help me to become successful in the market?”

IPO: A sparkle on the investors eyes

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Public issue of shares means the selling or marketing of shares for subscription by the public by issue of the prospectus. For raising capital from the public by the issue of shares, a public company has to comply with the provisions of the Companies Act, the Securities Contract Regulation Act, 1956 including the Rules made thereunder and the guidelines and instructions issued by the concerned Government authorities, the Stock exchanges and SEBI etc.

When an issue or offer of securities is made to new investors for becoming a part of the company is called a Public Issue. The public issue can be of two types i.e Initial Public offer (IPO) and Further Public offer (FPO). A company can make an Initial Public Offer of equity shares and other security which may be converted into or exchanged with equity shares at a later date. When a company makes an issue of securities for the first time to the general public it is called Initial Public Offer or IPO. This paves way for listing and trading of the issuer’s securities in the Stock exchanges.The company issues such securities in order to run the business efficiently.

The IPO is very well known due to its high potential for earning in a very short period of time. It is issued in a primary market i.e direct from the companies when the fresh issue of shares is made by them.  Here are a few steps to purchase an IPO.

·         Demat account

An investor should have a demat account in any recognized bank to buy an IPO. Proper trading can only be done through a demat account. It is compulsory to have a bank account, a pan card, and an Andhar card to open a Demat account.

·         Purchase of Shares

If the trading is done offline then the person has to buy an application form from the broker and has to fill the required details. But if the trading is done online then the person has to login to the trading account and select the IPO which the person intends to buy.

·         Transfer of money.

The exact amount of money for the number of shares that one intends to purchase should be transferred either through cheque in case of offline mode or through the money should be transferred to the trading account from the banking account.

·         Transfer of Stock

The shares will be transferred to the investor will be sent to their Demat account. This transfer will be made only after full payment of the application or the application money has been paid to the company offering Initial Public offer


A issues company cannot make any public issue of securities unless a draft offer document has been filed with SEBI through a Merchant banker at least days prior to the registering of the prospectus with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) or filing the letter of the offer with the designated stock exchange. If SEBI specifies change on the draft prospectus within a specified number of days from the date of receipt, the company or the head manager to the issue shall carry out such changes in the draft prospectus or comply with the observations issued by SEBI before filing the Prospectus with ROC.

In spite of all the risks, it is usually noticed that IPOs attract potential investors as they are freshly issued by the company. The company offers these issues basically to raise capital for its business with the vision to expand it. Often the IPOs are taken up by underwriters. The underwriters use different methods to sell these issues to the public. In most of the cases, the underwriters buy these stocks at a loss. The underwriters offer a price called the offering price of the IPOs to the public or the different investment institutions.

IPOs can contain high risk for individual investors. So before investing in an IPO, a person should acquire full knowledge about the company, its whereabouts. The investor should have full acquire his confidence in the company before investing its hard earned money. The capital market has many ups and downs and keeps on fluctuating. So it is essential to verify before investing a large amount in the IPOs.

Understand the need of an expert to win in share market

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Understand the need of an expert to win in share market

Staying safe from risks in share market is not very easy and people in a few situations lose their investments even after staying extra cautious. In order to enjoy trading with zero risk people need to trade with small capital. The day trading supports people in low investments and even promise quality returns in the form of profits and the level of risk is minimum. Turning success in day trading in the stock market is not very tough as this refers to same day buying and selling.

Day trading leads to profits and investors can earn quality returns to their investments by the end of the day. The highly volatile share market never promises any investor whether a beginner or an experienced person to gain or lose same amount or in the same way. Due to this people while involving huge amounts in the form of investments need to play wisely and seek the support of a financial analyst. Taking necessary precautions while investing in the market becomes easy to gain returns to the funds as everything became costlier.

·       Follow the right path: Predicting the situation is not easy and the guidance of the expert is always seen with people who even stay informed regarding the latest happenings. In order to be successful in investing in the share market day trading the only way is to hire an expert analyst who serves according to the need. The experts promise immediate assistance and stay active during all the time and update regarding each and every change in the market.


·       Stay updated: Receiving valuable information is easy only when investors rely on the genuine sources where a financial expert or an analyst delivers information as well as tips following a unique strategy. Understanding the importance of the tips is most essential as these are stock market recommendations that help to win the volatile market.


·       Learn from mistakes: It is a must to consider your past experiences at every instance of the life. Especially while you are planning to invest in the day trading and earn returns, then it is a must to step ahead according to your previous experiences. Even after following the market people feel confused on where and how to invest and the market professional creates a smooth way to invest in a hassle-free manner.


·       Not to ignore: Information is most crucial and ignoring the regular updates makes investor lose a lot. Make sure that you take good care regarding the market as this is one smart way to get right income. When you make your mind to earn money through the stock market, then utilize the information in the right way.


·       Time: There is a great need to consider the time as investing in the market at an appropriate time ensures quality returns. Money making becomes simple for the people who love to fulfill their economic dreams and at the same time, consider the do’s and don’ts suggested by the expert.


·       An agency: Investing in the market is simple when traders invest in day trading with the guidance of the reputed expert. The registered sources never delay in delivering the appropriate information and the right happenings of the market to the investor. The analyst deal with situations following a few specific rules and deliver information in a positive way which makes investor make profit in the day trading. Explain your requirement to the expert service provider and get the useful tips that offer a chance to win the market.


In order to earn better assistance it is a must to seek the support of the registered sources and get the intraday tips from the certified expert analyst. Avoiding the market risks is easy with the support of the expert service provider and make good money by investing in the share market. Though there are various factors that play a major role in earning profits in the stock market it is suggested to approach in the right way. Making money by investing in the day trading is easy for the one who understand the market and plan to invest under the professional supervision. So, locate an expert through the genuine online sources and get the information that is much useful in earning pocketful returns.

Earn capital via stock tips and Forex tips

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Earn Smart capital via availing Share tips and Commodity tips From Sharetipsinfo

Making money is fun and at the same time one of the most risky things when played with a little negligence or lack of knowledge. The fact is that people need to be balanced before investing in the share market as this is one place where one can gain handsome returns and sink in huge debts due to mistakes. However the fact is that when people follow the golden tips offered by a certified expert or the one who owe better command over commodity, shares and stocks it becomes easy to invest. Steps taken lack of idea on the situation are enough to give goose bumps and stopping from the downfall is impossible.

Getting the recommendations is easy when you completely rely over the one who works for the traders providing the stock tips that are considered to be the best in earning high returns. Information is precious, but the tips related to the stock market or the one that support to withstand the ups and downs of the share market allow people to invest and yield better returns. Through the Capital Via one can easily get the tips that are selective and offer pocketful returns to the minimum investments. The recommendations which the experts offer are easy to understand and at the same time are suitable for the people who are beginners and   an experienced investor.

Walking with amazing returns is not very easy journey, especially in the share market and people looking to earn experience as an investor need to learn and understand situations before availing profits. Here are a few factors why to follow and what to follow before investing in the most volatile stock market and earning useful tips. Capital Via offers exclusive services and amazing tips that are useful for the traders through various sources.

1.       Win in the attractive market: The share market is always attractive and earning fruitful returns is easy when people rely over the tips of trusted sources. Withstanding in the unstable market is possible only for the one who is dedicated in investing and at the same time the one who communicate with the experts properly. The experts in the field always offer valuable suggestions to the investors and especially the one that are suitable to the situation.

2.       The expert analysis: An expert analysis is much practical and they consider the happenings along with the past actions to predict the future changes of the market position. Every analyst recommends a few aspects following which an investor can gain profits and they analyze the future position after round the clock research. So just go with the recommendations and finally grab the benefits that allure every investor.

3.       Money making: Money making is never difficult when you rely over the stock tips company that uses advanced technology in fulfilling the needs of the investor. Gain the support of the people who work throughout the day and immediately deliver the crucial messages using all the means of communication within no time. The message is given in the form of SMS or through the mobile app and even the messenger as the information supports in taking the right decision in time.

4.       Free suggestions: Most of the suggestions offered during the trial period make a great deal and one can opt for the trail period subscription before getting registered completely. During this duration it becomes easy to understand the tips and recommendation as the free trial period provide you essential knowledge.

5.       Read thoroughly:  The stock tips company offer caplet information including the special option calls, cash and a few more related to the share market but one must read thoroughly before getting registered. There are a few policies which the stock tips company works with and it is strongly suggested to go through the policies before proceeding for the further suggestions.

 So, explore and get registered while you plan to go ahead in investing in the most volatile share market by taking tips from the company. The tips and recommendation are much useful in making money and securing the investments in a majority of the situations. Feel safe and invest in the secured environment and earn fascinating benefits just by seeking the support of the expert analyst from the stock tips company. 

Winning your cash in the stock market

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Nowadays you would find that people wish to get themselves involved in extra or part time activities that help them to earn some extra bucks apart from their business or office work. There are some sections of people who try to get involved in the shares and stocks. If you are too willing to invest in the stock market then you should know that you have to understand the different concepts that are associated with the market. There might be times when you would find that you have lost all your money even after getting the right type of research of the market. This is because stock market is full of risks and if you are someone who cannot handle risks in the market then you should not invest in the stock market. There might be times when you would get huge profits from the investment made in the stocks. So here you would be glad to have chosen the right stocks for you in the market. You have to make sure that unless you have all the knowledge of the market, you should not try to invest all your money in the market. So efforts should be taken in order to know how to go for winning your cash in the stock market


Can stock market be predicted?

Well you would find some people who try to make some prediction on the stock market. But you should know that one can never predict the stock market. There are some experts who try to make some guesses on the different stocks with the help of fundamental and technical analysis. But here too their prediction is not 100% correct. So you have to make sure that you do not try to make any prediction of the market. There are also some investors who try to have a look at the past performances of the different stocks. But you should know that the performances of the stocks always changes and so you cannot know whether the stock that have shown good performances in the past would continue to do the same today. Therefore the best thing that you can do in order to keep updates of all the latest information of the market is to watch the daily business news or read the daily newspaper. In this way you can keep good track of the market. Well you can also have a look at the stock charts or tables where you would come to know about the positions of the different stocks in the market.         You can also get good knowledge of the stocks by visiting different websites that gives updates on the market and its conditions.


Try to understand your investment goal

You should also try to know which type of stocks would be beneficial for you. There are both profitable and non profitable stocks that you can find in the market and so you need to know how to differentiate between these two types of stocks in the market. You have to decide whether to go for long term or short term investment in the market. If you feel that it would be more profitable for you to go for short term investment then you can go for day trading. But before you wish to go for this type of trading you should know the amount of risks that are involved. So you have to keep both your eyes open and look for the best profitable income by investing in the best stocks from the market.


Gain good confidence

Gaining good confidence from the market is very important in order to get the right type of stocks in the market. Even if you wish to go for online share trading then you should make sure that you have all the knowledge on how to buy or sell stocks and also how to select the best stocks for you from the market. If you happen to commit a small mistake then you would have to lose all your money. Thus you should always try to know how to go for winning your cash in the stock market

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