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Making the most out of Indian financial newspapers

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Greater the risk, greater the returns, is a statement that explains the Indian share market partially. However, with the right newspaper share tips even an amateur can reap huge benefits from share trading business. India has ten financial newspapers with daily circulation of which at least one fourth of the pages are dedicated to share trading statistics and news. Financial news in India can be considered synonymous to stock market happenings, fall and rise of stocks or issue of new securities. The Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange are the most prominent stock exchanges in India. They employ various indexes that measure the activity of various stocks belonging to diverse classes of industries. The most commonly used Indian stock market indices are Nifty Index and Sensex.

Indian financial newspapers and their role in share market
The main duty of Indian financial newspapers is to present to their readers in a genuine and unbiased manner the most important happenings in the business and finance environment. They also report on international financial deals and happenings which would have an impact on the Indian economy and investors. They report on the daily stock indices, top performing stocks, future economic climate, and such related topics that share traders and investors would be interested in knowing about. Financial newspapers are also used as a medium to intimate about new issue of securities, declaring change of name of companies, giving notice to Annual General Meetings, publishing interim or yearend financials of registered companies etc. In the recent days, most financial companies have also started providing newspaper share tips as a part of their investor training program. Statutory bodies like Securities Exchange Board of India, Unit Trust of India, and Insurance Regulatory Board of India are contributing to these selections in order to protect the interests of investors.

The volatility of share market and newspapers
Few years ago, when the depression created an economic crisis all around the world, newspapers were having a feast of articles and column writings that ripped apart defective financial policies and strategies. The main point that most newspapers wanted to stress upon was the rush of investments that was were made without sufficient property for security. Long before the depression set out its claws there were various newspaper reports which indicated on a possible collapse of international economy if loan advances and borrowings were not checked.

A vast majority of investors did no pay heed to such reports and continued piling their investments until one day when everything came crashing down like a house of cards. Hence, it is proven that financial newspapers are literally the barometers of economic climate of a country and should be relied upon for making sensible and logical investment decisions. Their analysis of past, present and future forecasts can provide deep insights which even experts may miss to notice.

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