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Striking gold with popular equity stocks
There is no business existing in the present economy that offers such profitability and flexibility like the investment business. It is abundant with opportunities and any individual with modest savings can start business. Investors will require a trading account, demat account and a bank account to process their equity trading proceeds. They can choose to trade on their own or seek the services of a broker. The broker may charge a certain percentage as commission for his services which will be deducted before the transfer of the sale proceeds. For investors who want to cruise on their own the following tips will ensure that they are able to protect their savings from eroding away due to common mistakes.

Choosing the time of entry and exit: The Indians stock market always reacts in great fervor to the slightest tremor in the business environment. The hyper reactions can most probably be triggered due to unwarranted rumors of companies issuing stock or declaring dividend. This can lead to overpricing or under pricing of stocks without any heed to the business fundamentals of the stock. Hence, it is essential not to follow the market in times of peaks or depressions instead to have an independent judgment of the condition based on which actions should be taken.

Following online equity tips: The advent of information technology in stock and investment trading has led to a robust growth of messages and emails that promise the sky in terms of returns. It is essential for investors to check the authenticity of such online equity tips before acting upon them. Their source, credibility, author and relevance at the hour should also be analysed to ensure that they are not sent to take advantage of inexperienced and naïve investors.

Handing over the race to a broker: A stock broker is basically a person who trades on behalf of the trader. The broker will act on behalf of the investor and charge a nominal charge for his services. The investor has to give a power of attorney to the broker authorizing him to carry out transactions. After the authorization the broker will be responsible for buying, selling and handling demat and trading account of the investor. Adequate care should be taken to ensure that the broker is someone who can be relied upon and trusted with the money.

Picking IPO stocks: IPO (Initial Public Offering) refers to the first time public sale of stocks in the stock exchange after the listing of the company. These stocks have great scope of growth since most of the IPOs are functioning in cliché markets with diverse market segments. Moreover, IPOs in software sectors and specified business sectors provide tax exemptions to investors. In addition to the revenue earned from them investors can also take advantage of the tax savings. The best stocks that are issued through IPOs can be picked with the aid of online equity tips offered expert stock brokers, analysts, stock market research personnel, etc.

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