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Suring safe in the risky stock market waters
Stock market is one of the dangerous yet lucrative investment platforms available today. Put together all stock exchanges all over the world make it easy for businesses and entrepreneurs to source funds for their enterprises. For investor, stock markets give a better investment platform to earn higher returns than the petty bank interest rates on fixed deposits. Stock markets also offer a good way of saving for your retirement. The investment you make during your younger days will grow manifold into fruitful sums of money by the time you are ripe for retirement. However, making the right investment in stock market is a challenging task even for seasoned traders even with the help of stock tips India. These following tips will ensure that you are not making the same mistake that investors are known to make in their initial investment ventures.

  1. Lack of diversification: Stock market is abundant with plenty of investment avenues each with its own risk and return proportion. A stock trader can choose from a wide variety of securities which will help diversify his portfolio. In other words it is important to rest your eggs in different nests so that you don’t lose them altogether. Selecting diverse portfolios will ensure that in case of a market downturn at least a portion of your investments stays intact. For instance you can choose a combination of stocks, debt instruments and derivatives to insulate yourself from unexpected market fluctuations.

  1. Stick to your customized trading plan: The stock market is a place for anyone to make or lose money. However, each individual will have his own financial aspirations and goals. The financial goal of one person may not suffice the requirements of another. Similarly the amount of risk that your friend can afford in a stock market loss may not be the equal measure of risk that you can afford. Hence, it is essential to take stock of your own financial situation, your risk capacity and financial goals before finalizing the stock trading plan.


  1. Setting a timeline: Change is the only constant in the stock market. The market conditions that exist may not be the same that will be existing ten or twenty years from now. Make your stock selection with the future in mind. Analyse if is the stock is capable of earning worthwhile returns in the future without depletion of capital. Take into consideration various stock tips India stock broking companies provide free of cost to investors.

    • Take advantage of financial news: India has a well established financial news media that enables investors, businessmen and trader make the right choices in their own trades. Most newspapers have their own sections for stocks in which they publish articles and columns relating to stock tips India. These tips will help you select the right kind of stock that is expected to flourish in the market during intraday trading hours. You can also stay abreast of the latest laws and regulations in relation to trading with the help of financial journals.

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