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Microfinance loan portfolio stands at Rs 2,32,648 crore as of December-end: Report

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The industry's GLP had stood at Rs 2,11,302 crore at the end of December 2019

The microfinance business' gross advance portfolio (GLP) became 10.1 percent to Rs 2,32,648 crore as on December 31, 2020, as per the information gathered by industry body Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN). 

The business' GLP had remained at Rs 2,11,302 crore toward the finish of December 2019. 

The affiliation said 14 banks hold the biggest portion of the portfolio in miniature credit with an absolute advance exceptional of Rs 97,956 crore followed by non-banking monetary organizations microfinance foundations (NBFC-MFIs), with an advance remarkable of Rs 72,128 crore. 

Little account banks (SFBs) have a complete advance sum extraordinary of Rs 39,062 crore with an all out portion of 16.79 percent. NBFCs represent another 9.06 percent, and other MFIs represent 1.04 percent of the microfinance universe, it said. 

During the December 2020 quarter, the microfinance business' credit payment de-developed 3.86 percent to Rs 59,507 crore, from Rs 61,894 crore in the year-prior quarter. On a successive premise, the business' advance payment saw a development of 90.4 percent, the business body said. 


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MFIN is an industry affiliation containing 58 NBFC-MFIs and 39 partners including banks, little account banks (SFBs) and NBFCs. It delivered its Micrometer report for the second from last quarter of financial 2020-21. 

GLP of MFIN's NBFC-MFI individuals developed 11.1 percent at Rs 74,712 crore as on December 31, 2020, contrasted and Rs 67,255 crore a year ago in a similar quarter. It rose 5% in contrast with Rs 71,147 crore as of the end September quarter. 

GLP incorporates a claimed arrangement of Rs 63,710 crore and an oversaw arrangement of Rs 11,002 crore. 

NBFC-MFIs saw a 2.9 percent development in credit dispensing at Rs 19,696 crore in the second from last quarter of FY21 as against Rs 19,150 crore in the year-prior period. 

In any case, on a successive premise, their advance dispensing developed at gigantic 85.5 percent. In the quarter finished September 2020, NBFC-MFIs had dispensed advances worth Rs 10,617 crore. 

"It is encouraging that the green shoots seen toward the finish of Q2 (second quarter) have end up being valid and area distributions are coming to nearly at pre-COVID-19 levels sponsored by expanded interest for advances to restart vocations. 

"The payment during Q3 2020-21 are around 96% of Q3 2019-20, showing that it should arrive at ordinary levels by end of Q4 monetary 2020-21," MFIN CEO and Director Alok Misra said. 

NBFC-MFIs' normal advance payment per represent Q3 FY 2020-21 remained at Rs 34,070, which is an expansion of around 19% to Rs 28,620 every year prior, MFIN said. 

During the quarter, NBFC-MFIs got a sum of Rs 10,876 crore owing debtors financing, which is 0.5 percent not exactly the second from last quarter of 2019-20 and 10.4 percent more when contrasted with second quarter of 2020-21, the report said. 

Absolute value of the NBFC-MFIs developed by 16.6 percent to Rs 18,077 crore as on December 31, 2020, when contrasted with Rs 15,508 crore in the year-prior period, the affiliation said. 

"The banks and financial backers keep on showing full trust in the area as apparent by the obligation subsidizing going up 10.4 percent and value climbing 16.6 percent contrasted with comparing quarter a year ago," Misra said. 

Five top states as far as advance sum exceptional for MFIN individuals are Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, Maharashtra and Odisha. They represent 51% of GLP and top 10 states represent 82% of the complete credit sum remarkable.

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Share Market Closing Note

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Benchmark indices erase most of intraday gains and ended marginally higher breaking two-day of profit booking.

At Close, the Sensex was up 35.75 points or 0.07% at 50,441.07, and the Nifty was up 18.10 points or 0.12% at 14,956.20. About 1698 shares have advanced, 1382 shares declined, and 208 shares are unchanged.

UPL, GAIL, L&T, ONGC and SBI Life Insurance were among major gainers on the Nifty, while losers were Shree Cements, Bajaj Finance, UltraTech Cement, IndusInd Bank and Bajaj Auto.


Topic :- Time:3.10 PM

Nifty spot close above 14960 level will result in some pull back in coming session and if it closes below above mentioned level then some sluggish movement is likely to be seen. Avoid open positions for tomorrow.


Topic :- Time:2.40 PM

Just In:

Easy Trip Planners IPO subscribed 1.46 times, retail portion booked 8 times on Day 1.


Topic :- Time:2.30 PM

CRUDEOIL Trading View:

CRUDEOIL is trading at 4888.If it manages to trade and sustain above 4895 level then expect some recovery in it and if it breaks and trade below 4875 level then some further decline can be seen in Crudeoil.


Topic :- Time:2.00 PM

Nifty is losing its gains now. Nifty spot if breaks and trade below 14940 level then expect some further decline in it and if it manages to trade and sustain above 15000 level then some upmove can follow in the market. As Nifty is volatile now so traders are advised to trade in less quantity. Stock specific action is there in the market.


Topic :- Time:1.30 PM

NATURALGAS Trading View:

NG is trading at 199.10. If it holds above 197 level then expect it to rise till 204-205 levels quite soon. It is likely to show some decline if it breaks and trade below 197 level. Buy on every decline till it holds above 197 level is recommended in it.


Topic :- Time:1.00 PM

Nifty is likely to turn volatile now. Nifty spot if manages to trade and sustain above 15000 level then expect some upmove and if it breaks and trade below 14980 level then some decline can follow in the market. 


Topic :- Time:12.30 PM

COPPER Trading View:

COPPER is trading at 682.60.If it manages to trade and sustain above 683.20 level then expect some upmove and if it breaks and trade below 680 level then some decline can follow in the COPPER.


Topic :- Time:12.00 PM

Nifty is now trading in small range. Nifty spot if breaks and trade below 15000 level then expect some decline in it and if it manages to trade and sustain above 15040 level then some upmove can follow in the market.


Topic :- Time:11.30 AM

News Wrap Up:

1. Sensex, Nifty off days high; PSU banks, metals in focus

2. Govt proposes to hike in LICs authorised capital to Rs 25,000 cr

3. Cairn wants India to pay $1.4 bn, shareholders to seek enforcement

4. Oil & Gas shares rally; ONGC, Gail surge up to 7%, hit 52-week highs

5. BEML surges 13% as report suggests Tata, Mahindra eyeing stake in firm

6. MFs withdraw Rs 16,306 cr from equities in February on profit booking

7. Amid rising bond yields, FPIs pull out Rs 5,156 cr in March so far

8. India needs a cohesive strategy to protect itself from cyber attacks


Topic :- Time:11.00 AM

After positive start nifty is still trading in green zone but is losing some of its early gains. Nifty spot if breaks and trade below 15000 level then expect some further decline and above 15040 level some up move can follow in the market.


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Why men are no better than women on investment matters

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Men make as many investment mistakes as women. They chase trends and do not invest with a structured financial plan

The vast majority of us feel that men are brought into the world with the information to oversee cash. Cooking as far as anyone knows works out easily for ladies. Please women, we scorn being generalized! As a monetary counselor and instructor, I meet a greater number of men than ladies and can advise you with power that men truly need your assistance in overseeing funds. 

Allow me to show you how with this discussion with Miss WWP, who is a working lady proficient. 

Men submit basic venture botches 

WWP: So for what reason do you accept men need assistance? 

Me: Men love pursuing patterns. They put resources into gold when it was Rs 55,000 for every 10gm (expecting that it will contact Rs 1,00,000 for each 10 gm). In any case, presently it is down to Rs 48,000 for 10gm – a drop of 13%. Indeed, you heard it right; gold costs can fall. At that point, they put resources into bitcoin. All cool fellows are doing it. On the off chance that Elon Musk can, for what reason right? 


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WWP: He has made a cool 50 percent return in a brief period and is taking a gander at contributing more. Such a virtuoso to put our cash where it develops quick. 

Me: Alas, Bitcoin isn't controlled in India and odds of it getting prohibited are extremely high. A concentrated openness implies a lot of cash is in danger in one instrument. 

WWP: Ok, however he is bringing in cash through stock exchanging. He is lastingly adhered to his gadgets, checking stock costs and having vivified conversations with his companions about it. 

Me: How much return does he make? To create steady long haul returns isn't simple for lay financial backers, who don't approach point by point data on an organization. The companions don't know better by the same token. The entirety of this is simply theory. Have you thought about putting resources into shared assets? There is an expert asset chief putting away your cash; you gain admittance to a lot more stocks and there are tax breaks too. 

WWF: But shared Funds are so confounding. How can one pick an asset and at any rate the profits are awful. All things considered, we have some drawn out protection approaches and the workplace gave cover. 

Me: The business' cover may not do the trick if there should arise an occurrence of an enormous medical problem. Likewise, Endowment, and cash back strategies don't give more than 4-5 percent return, which implies they don't beat swelling. Along these lines, your cash isn't developing. Shared Funds then again accompany lower cost and have given incredible returns in the long haul. 

WWF: Come on, I realize he is dealing with our cash well! Else, we wouldn't have the option to live well, take relaxes and send our children to the best schools. 

Basic items for retirement 

Me: So would you say you are putting something aside for retirement? 

WWF: Oh, that is 25 years away and the EPF will deal with our retirement. 

Me: If your month to month consumption is Rs 1 lakh, at that point you need a retirement corpus of Rs 6 crore and EPF alone will most likely be unable to cover that. Consequently, you need to begin contributing more for retirement. Can you say whether you can? 

WWF: No, I don't have a clue and should check with him. We have organized our accounts so that my compensation is principally utilized for costs and his compensation is utilized for speculations. 

Me: This implies you don't have a lot of cash in your name. Does that cause you to feel better? Consider the possibility that you need to help your folks or god disallow things don't work out between the both of you. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you need to begin something of your own or accomplish something on your can list? Would you be glad to request cash from your mate despite the fact that you are acquiring? 

WWF: No I wouldn't care for that. So how might I begin being important for cash the board in the family? 

Me: Take a promise to be included. First rundown every one of the costs and perceive how they can be decreased. You ought to contribute at any rate 40% of your consolidated bring home compensation. Work with a monetary organizer or utilize an objective arranging device to sort out the amount you need to put something aside for monetary objectives like kids' schooling, retirement and so on Put resources into straightforward items: common assets, PPF and NPS for these objectives. At last, keep your monetary life straightforward and keep a beware of archives. 

Women, don't simply normally accept the men know everything. People commit regular speculation errors. 

They pursue patterns, don't follow an organized monetary arrangement, nor contribute for long haul monetary objectives, have an excessive number of advances, stay under insured – these are largely normal bumbles numerous men make. Similarly as you give the equilibrium in each part of life, do as such on account of family funds too. Be similarly included and submitted. 

Happy Women's Day 2021!

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Nifty Opening Note

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Indian Stock Market Trading View For 08 March,2021:

Nifty to turn volatile and is likely to show some wild swings. Global cues will be trend setter.

Nifty spot if manages to trade and sustain above 14980 level then expect some upmove and if it breaks and trade below 14860 level then some decline can be seen in the market. Please note this is just opening view and should not be considered as the view for the whole day.

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