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10 Short Term Investments Ideas For Young Investors

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The accumulation stage and the distribution stage are the two stages of a person's economic lifespan, respectively.

When a person earns money and has an active income, they are in the accumulation stage. This stage normally begins with a person's first work and continues until retirement, at which point the distribution stage begins.person satisfies his desires and gives himself a lifestyle based on the wealth accumulated during the accumulation stage. Millennials frequently like to live a lavish lifestyle in order to satisfy their ambitions, such as purchasing expensive automobiles or arranging international travels. However, such costs are rarely incurred all at once.

If you are in the accumulation period of your life and live a luxury lifestyle that includes such extravagances, you may need to set aside money from your paychecks to realize your aspirations.

A good and effective investment plan can go a long way toward realizing these objectives, as it can provide your savings an extra boost of interest and prospective returns, allowing you to easily meet your short-term financial goals.

The financial investing field has evolved to the point that short-term investments may now be made by anyone in a very short amount of time and with just a few phone taps.

Let's have a look at several short-term investing ideas for young people that can help them attain their financial goals quickly.

1. Investing in Money Market Funds or Liquid Funds

Liquid funds are debt mutual funds that invest in debt schemes for a limited length of time, typically up to 91 days. Investors that do not want to put their money in long-term funds prefer liquid funds because they do not have a lock-in period.

2. Fixed-income investments in banks

If you want to earn 7-9 percent interest on your short-term investments in India, this is the safest option. Bank FDs are available with terms ranging from seven days to ten years. After an initial lock-in period, these short-term instruments can be liquidated at any moment and extended for reinvestment at maturity.

3. Deposits made on a regular basis

These are another well-known short-term investment product in which a set amount is withdrawn from your account each month and placed in your RD account, as well as providing liquidity. Ca an RD for the smallest period of time is 6 months, followed by 9 months, 12 months, and so on up to 10 years.

4. The Post Office Savings Plan

Post offices, like banks, offer fixed deposits where investors can keep their money for a period of one to five years and earn a fair return. Similarly, post-office-issued National Savings Certificates can be acquired.

5. Peer-to-Peer Lending 

Because the money you invest is simply rented to other players through P2P lending platforms and owes a default risk, this is one of the less popular ways of short-term investment. However, if done with reliable partners, it can yield excellent results in a shorter period of time.

6. Certificates of Deposit 

Companies in the money market issue these forms of deposits to obtain cash for their day-to-day needs. These are very liquid and offer set interest rates as part of the unorganized sector, therefore they can be useful for earning a nominal interest on money stored.

7. Investments based on Index Futures

If direct stock trading seems hazardous to you and you'd rather put your money in index funds, Prime Nifty Bank, a quantitative analysis-based short-term investment strategy, maybe the ideal fit for you. Prime Nifty Bank is a quantitative analysis driving method that might be effective for short-term traders that are only interested in trading Nifty Bank futures. Every month, 1-2 recommendations with a stop-loss are supplied.

8. Investing in the stock market using a technical strategy

The technical analysis and machine learning-based stock market trading method – Infinity – can assist young investors to achieve short-term investment goals by passively investing their money in the stock market for a holding duration of more than a week. This approach invests in cash sector stocks, which is ideal for passive investors who want to keep the stocks for more than a week.

9. A Short-Term Investment Strategy based on Gold

If you are dubious about equities markets in general and want to invest in a safe haven of goals while earning better returns than buying gold directly, Shartipsinfo Prime Gold approach is the ideal option for you. This quantitative analysis-backed method for Gold commodity futures delivers 1-2 recommendations every month and is best suited for swing traders.

10. Short-term stock market investing based on events

If you prefer fundamental analysis to technical analysis and believe in investing for longer periods of time than a week or a month, a thematic investment strategy based on a specific event affecting the stock markets, such as a short term strategy taking advantage of the impact of the monsoons on stock markets or the impact of the union budget on the markets, can pay off handsomely.

Last Thoughts

Some of these methods are part of the structured finance markets, such as the stock market, currency market, and commodity market, while others, such as treasury bills and deposits certificates markets, are part of the less organized sector. The RBI regulates bank FDs, RDs, post office schemes, and other financial instruments. As a young investor, you should consider all aspects of an investment, including the period, the risk involved, the rewards, and the issuing company's historical performance, before deciding to invest your money in short-term investment alternatives.