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Trading in Bullions | How to earn money from bullions trading

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Trading in Bullions

One of the most efficient ways to diversify your risks while making an investment is by buying bullion.But the fact remains that the success rate, as with any other sector of the stock market, depends solely upon the degree to which the planning and strategizing is done. Here we discuss some of the basic features of the bullion market -

Describing a bullion -Bullion is defined as the bulk amount of different types of precious metals like silver, gold, palladium or even platinum. These bullions are measured in terms of their weight and in general casted into bar like shapes. On certain occasions other forms of these metals are also sold such as gold is sold in the form of coins as well as grains, while silver s sold in the form of coins. Platinum and Palladium coins are also available but they are very rare.

Why use Bullion coins – Any coin which has been casted from some sort of precious metals following which it has been used for the purpose of investment is called a bullion coin. Their value is based on their bullion content and prices fluctuate daily.  Some of the examples of such coins are the Canadian, American, British and South African national coins. Also an added advantage is that since they are deemed as legal tenders, in many countries they enjoy favorable taxation policies

How the bullion market works – The main of the bullion market is to buy when the prices are low and sell when the prices are high.It is a well-known fact that the precious metals are the best option when it comes to long term investments.The trick here is to buy during a period when there is a slight drop in the prices of these items. Bullion has a tendency to follow a completely different trajectory as compared to the other commodities market. This makes it a very good alternative when any sort of losses occur in the other investments. For these reasons it is very attractive to invest in the bullion market for the long run.

How can you get a bullionOne the main methods to own a bullion is to physically obtain and secure it. Analysts generally are of the opinion that investing in the commodities market is a very good idea. But the fact is that most of them recommend investing in a large number of commodities together in the form of a basket. But this can lead a distort performances of the investment as the high returns of one type of commodity can be nullified by the drop in prices of another commodity.

Where can you buy bullions –Bullions can be bought physically in a number of countries including the UK and USA. But when buying any sort of bullions physically it is necessary to asses all the options very carefully. This because a lot of tax charges are related to buying a bullion, so various options including these options have to be looked into before buying commodities like gold and silver.For instance the island known as Guernsey offersvarious benefits while buying bullions. They provide several advantages like offering several tax advantages and also secured ownership to all the investors.

Where can you sell your bullions –The most important fact about the bullion market is that one has to deal with a supplier that always provides a very transparent and liquid market for buying the bullion back at very good rates so that the owner does not incur losses. There are many efficient and effective suppliers who are capable of providing a very transparent process of selling which is advantageous and simple at the same time. There are lots of offers which are of the having the pricing strategy of all in one. In this strategy the seller is not able to get the market rates for his deals.

It is also often found that that there are many companies which provide bullion to all its customers buy the discounted rates which is about 2-2.5% less than the market price. This is particularly true in the case of bars. But when it comes to bars bought from other sources they reduce the price by almost 4% which is huge in terms of total money.


Market Timing Signals for Stock Market Investing

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The stock market is a very important and appealing starting point of returns for commonly companies and share holders. The stock market formulates it feasible for a very large number of investors to procure stakes at a party that they tell the difference and swear by. Populace who have been trading in corporation shares have perceived it growing to be a tradition and then in many instances, their standard basis of revenue. It is an exceedingly productive industry also for the share holder just the once he becomes acclimatized to the decrees of the business. He can monitor his well-merited wealth nurturing in manifolds if he is persistent and committed enough. Let us have a look at the market timing signals for stock market investing. However immediately resembling each added action that anybody can imagine, there is an explicit time to be active in the stock market. There is a plain equation that every acquainted patron will swear by. You should know the simple equation for investing in the share market. This is the fair decree- Comprehend it perfectly! Be familiar with the BULLS from the BEARS.

Obtain when the market is LOW

Test out for the sensitive index. If for any raisin d'Arezzo it continues illustrating a descending inclination, it typically indicates that now is the right time to procure shares. As this is the time a tremendous figure of corporation shares would have gone down the drain. Memorize: a prodigious figure of businesses, not each and every one of them! Several companies in all earthly probability will illustrate a differing tendency and could essentially stay put or in all earthly probability will yet demonstrate an aloft movement even at the same time as the bazaar is declining. Those are the exemptions you could act fit to pass up. As for the shares illustrating a ‘typical’ diminishing tendency with the stock market in a cry off, it only means that now is the time to procure some of those shares!

Put on the market when the market is FAR ABOVE TYPICAL

This is the opposite case panorama. Provided you have already previously invested in certain number of shares and you see the index rising as a trend. Classically it only means that in a very large number of probability, your shares would have also grown in value (in all earthly probability will not forever be the case, as a result be vigilant).  If as a result, it is selling time galore!

Word of warning:

Whilst following the mentioned equation, more and more be greatly vigilant and exceedingly tolerant. Such as, if the shares that you had purchased some days ago begin demonstrating an augment in worth, do not vend instantaneously! Hang around really tolerantly and monitor if the shares would realize in worth any more. This show of endurance will forever prove gratifying since you will be waiting for your shares to realize in worth to their utmost probable ‘far above typical’ before you swiftly sell them. In a similar way goes the procuring scenery. On no account procure just as soon as the market sinks. Stay, since it might go downward some (or in all earthly probability will be even a whole lot!) points further before you consider procuring. This patience will certainly pay off. At the moment, suppose a condition where you have purchased shares for a cost which you sensed was pretty competitive. Yet the simple proposition remains that you now detect that share prices have plummeted after your procurement of those shares. Do not be alarmed and trade off your shares. Dread and the consequential rushed vacillations would merely formulate issues shoddier for you. What you ought to fairly accomplish is hang around. There will positively appear a time when the stock prices of the company you bought shares of, will climb again. Therefore simply stay unwearyingly.

Timing the market

Be of the knowledge that it is improbable for anybody to time the stock market. It is a subject of utter opportunity. Several issues – financial, opinionated, Acts of God and societal factors have an imperative role to play in instigating the sudden ups and downs that the stock market goes through. All things measured, having the acquaintance and taking a careful step will definitely bear out gratifying and assist you to discover a perfect sense of timing in the stock market.

Thus, we have learn a lot about market timing signals for stock market investing.



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Events to watch this week

  • US adds 156,000 jobs, wages up most since 2009
  • Yuan volatility causes concern amid tight liquidity
  • Global growth uptick persisted in December
  • 2016 US auto sales set record

The Week ahead:

  • The eurozone releases unemployment figures on Monday, 9 January
  • The minutes of the December meeting of the ECB Governing Council are released on Thursday, 12 January
  • China releases December trade figures on Friday, 13 January
  • US retail sales figures for December are reported on Friday, 13 January

For the week,Global equities extended gains this week amid upbeat economic data and continued hopes for US fiscal stimulus. So far, US markets continue to hold just below record levels, with the 20,000 mark in the Dow Jones Industrial Average yet to be breached as of this writing, though the FTSE 100 set all-time highs this week. Ten-year US Treasury note yields fell to 2.40% from a pre-Christmas level of 2.53%. Oil prices firmed modestly, with West Texas Intermediate crude rising to $53.90 from $53.25 before the holidays. Global Brent rose to $56.90 from $55.80. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) was little changed at 11.45.

NIFTY- 8,243.80
CRUDE OIL-Rs 3,678barrel
GOLD-Rs 27,875/10 gram
Rs/$-Rs 67.96


Key benchmark indices logged small gains in first week of calendar year 2017. Key indices edged lower in three out of five trading sessions during the week. Gains were triggered as buying of equities by domestic institutional investors outpaced selling by foreign portfolio investors. The S&P BSE Small and Mid-Cap indices outperformed the Sensex during the week.

In the week ended Friday, 6 January 2017, the Sensex rose 132.77 points or 0.5% to settle at 26,759.23. The Nifty 50 index rose 58 points or 0.71% to settle at 8,243.80.

The BSE Mid-Cap index gained 290.38 points or 2.41% to settle at 12,321.72. The BSE Small-Cap index gained 394.20 points or 3.27% to settle at 12,440.33. Both these indices outperformed the Sensex.

Macro Economic Front:

On the Economic Front,manufacturing PMI in India fell to 49.60 in December 2016 from 52.30 in November. A reading above 50 indicates economic expansion, while a reading below 50 points toward contraction. The reading pointed to the first contraction since December 2015, as output, new orders and new export orders fell amid cash shortages in the economy. Data was announced during trading hours on Monday, 2 January 2017.

Major Action &Announcement:

Wipro fell 0.86%. The company announced that its Digital TV Middleware solution has successfully enabled Hisense 4K TVs in Japan. Hisense Co. is a multinational white goods, brown goods and electronics manufacturer. The Wipro solution supports Hisense 4k TV product features ISDB-T/S Broadcast and HD-PVR to enable a premium viewing experience for customers. The announcement was made before market hours on Thursday, 5 January 2017.

According to reports, the new bill would require workers on the H-1B visa pay a minimum of $100,000, up from $60,000 currently. The bill also removes the Master's degree exemption to the cap on the number of visas available, as per reports. The bill comes after companies such as Disney and Southern California Edison have come under fire for outsourcing their IT operations to Indian companies.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industriesrose 1.78%. The company announced successful phase 3 confirmatory clinical trial results for Seciera (cyclosporine A, 0.09% ophthalmic solution), for the treatment of dry eye disease. Seciera is a patented, novel, proprietary nanomicellar formulation of cyclosporine A 0.09%. It is a clear, preservative-free, aqueous solution. Seciera is being developed by Ocular Technologies, a company recently acquired by Sun Pharma. Following this acquisition, Sun Pharma owns exclusive, worldwide rights to Secier and is developing it to commercialize for global markets including US, Europe, and Japan, as well as several emerging markets.

Tata Motors gained 5.61%. The company's British luxury unit Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) reported a 30% jump in retail sales in US in December 2016. JLR on Wednesday, 4 January 2017, announced its US retail sales for the month of December 2016. JLR's US sales rose 30% to 12,573 units in December 2016 over December 2015. Jaguar sales jumped 259% to 4,294 units in December 2016 over December 2015. Land Rover sales declined 2% to 8,279 units in December 2016 over December 2015.

Maruti Suzuki India rose 5.45%. The company said its total sales fell 1% to 1.17 lakh units in December 2016 over December 2015. The company announced the monthly sales volume on Sunday, 1 January 2017.

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) rose 3.49%. The company said its total tractor sales rose 9% to 14,047 units in December 2016 over December 2015. The company's total auto sales declined 4% to 36,363 units in December 2016 over December 2015. The company announced the monthly sales volume during market hours on Monday, 2 January 2017.

Global Front:

In Overseas Markets,China's Caixin Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index (PMI) rose 51.9, compared to 50.9 in November on the back of increased demand. A reading above 50 represents expansion in a sector, whereas a reading below 50 represents contraction. The private manufacturing survey results come after figures at the weekend showed China's official PMI fell to 51.4 in December.

Activity in China's service sector expanded at a faster pace in December, a private gauge showed on Thursday, 5 January 2016, adding to recent signs of firmness in China's economy. The Caixin China services purchasing managers' index rose to 53.4 in December from 53.1 in November, Caixin Media Co. and research firm Markit said. A reading above 50 indicates a month-to-month expansion, while a reading below that points to a contraction.

Global Economic News:

December US payrolls solid but unspectacular
The United States added 156,000 new jobs in December while the unemployment rate edged up to 4.7%. A 2.9% annual rise in average hourly earnings was the most attention-grabbing aspect of Friday’s report. It was the largest yearly gain in wages since 2009. Rising wages, unless offset by gains in worker productivity, could negatively impact corporate earnings down the road. Wage increases may also keep the US Federal Reserve on guard for additional rate hikes in the months ahead. The US reported a wider trade deficit on Friday, with a fall in exports likely to trim economic growth estimates for the fourth quarter. The deficit expanded to $45.2 billion in November, a nine-month high, from $42.4 billion in October.

Global growth rebound continues
Solid purchasing managers’ surveys from December were reported early this week, suggesting that the uptick in global growth seen in recent months continued through year-end. The US reported its 91st consecutive month of manufacturing growth, with the Institute for Supply management index rising to 54.7 from 53.2. The United Kingdom’s manufacturing purchasing managers' index rose to 56.1, the highest in two and a half years, despite the looming specter of Article 50 being invoked later this year.

US auto sales set record
Global auto manufacturers sold a record-setting 17.55 million new cars and light trucks in the US in 2016, according to research firm Autodata. Sixty percent of the sales were classified as light trucks since SUVs fall into that category. In 2015, 17.48 million units were sold, 56% of them light trucks.

Australian trade returns to surplus
For the first time in nearly three years, Australia recorded a trade surplus in November. Rebounding commodity prices helped lift the trade account into the black, and the data suggest that the economy might avoid a technical recession after shrinking by 0.5% in Q3.

Unhappy holidays for many US retailers
Many US retailers struggled this holiday season as sales continued to migrate to the Internet. Two notable cases were Macy’s and Sears, traditional anchor tenants of US shopping malls, which each announced the closure of more than 100 stores. Additionally, Sears announced the sale of its iconic Craftsman tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker for $900 million.



China forced to defend yuan amid outflows
It was a wild week for China’s yuan. On Thursday, overnight offshore deposit rates were ratcheted up to 80% in an attempt to squeeze out speculative short positions in the currency. That move set off a frantic short-covering rally, but the rally was largely reversed on Friday. In a further attempt to keep funds from leaving China, the government introduced additional capital controls effective 1 January and encouraged state-owned enterprises to sell foreign currencies. China is believed to be trying to stabilize the currency in advance of US president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on 20 January.
















MMTC ltd





jsw steel


mphasis ltd


lic housing


Eyes will be set on the certain US economic data releases are:

Monday (09 Jan)
Consumer Credit
Tuesday(10 Jan)
NFIB Small Business & Wholesale Trade

Wednesday(11 Jan)
MBA Mortgage Applications
Thursday(12 Jan)
Jobless Claims
Friday(13 Jan)
Retail Sales

Fundamental Pick of the week:

BUY Tata Motors Ltd For Target Rs. 600.00

TATAMOTORS is a well know Indian MNC and a flagship company of the Tata Group. After acquiring Jaguar Land Rover, it gained global recognition as well.Technically, it is a sound stock and is on recovery mode after retracing 50% as per Fibonacci levels of the rise 265-598 levels.

We firmly believe; it has potential to outperform its peers as well as broader markets. Hence, we advocate buying this stock in range 480-490 with 440 stop loss for 600 targets.


Buy Tata Motors Ltd  @ 480-490 Stoploss 440 Target 600 CMP 498

Indian Market Outlook:

Nifty ended marginally lower in the passing month, tracking mixed global cues and not so favorable domestic factors. After marginal bounce in the first week, it maintained its negative tone for most part of the month; however, recovery in final week of the calendar year significantly trimmed the losses. Finally, it settled at 8185.80; down by nearly half a percent.

It rebounded after retesting the crucial support mark of 7900, raising hope of sustainable recovery in January month.

















Technically, charts are in the favor of rebound but a lot depends upon the upcoming earning season. On the daily chart, the Nifty is trading above the 20- day moving average (DMA) and the 40-DMA, ie 8121 and 8195, respectively. The momentum indicator is positive on the daily chart.

On the hourly chart, the Nifty is trading between the 20-hour moving averages (HMA) and the 40-HMA, ie 8246 and 8208, respectively. The hourly momentum indicator has turned positive. The market breadth was negative, with 639 advances and 962 declines on the National Stock Exchange.


Nifty has immediate hurdle at 8300 and requires participation from the banking space for further recovery. Meanwhile, stock specific movement, especially in the cash segment, is offering ample trading opportunities and we expect this trend to continue ahead also. So, traders should plan their positions keeping in mind the above factors.

Risk Free Forex Trading Strategy by

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What is FOREX?

FOREX is an acronym for Foreign Exchange. A further shortened form is FX. It is nothing but a relative value of a particular form of currency.

Understanding the FOREX market

A FOREX market is a worldwide market place where the currencies of different countries are traded directly between two parties. Such a kind of trading is also called “off-exchange” or “over-the-counter (OTC)” trading. By off-exchange, we mean that this kind of trading does not utilize the medium of a stock market for its trading. The existence of a FOREX market has made it possible for various companies and entities to engage themselves in international trade. It facilitates the ease of conversion of one currency to another against standard (but regularly changing) rates of exchange of currency. The international FOREX market has now completely switched over from the traditional exchange rate system to something known as the floating exchange rate system. Whereas the traditional exchange rate system depended on many factors of the country like its monetary policy, and the currency values remained fixed more or less, a floating exchange rate system allows currencies of various countries to fluctuate in their values in the foreign exchange market. 

The FOREX market has its distinct features

Trading volumes are large in scope. Billions of dollars are traded between traders and governments on a regular basis. There is a high liquidity, which means that there is a smallest possible amount of scope for loss of value. Not to be faulted and unremitting trading: 24 hours a day, but no more than on weekdays. This is quite unlike other markets like the stock market where 24 hour business transactions are not achievable. Margin of profit (along with loss) is tapered. Lower the risks lower the gain! Debt Capital or Leverage is used as a supplement for equity capital. It allows a particular country to buy goods or services and pay in foreign currency. It has very low transaction processing costs. Unlike a stock market which operates through an exchange and involves high transaction processing costs (broker-to-broker costs, dealer costs, counter costs etc.), the Foreign Exchange market has these costs significantly reduced or eliminated.

Transaction processing time

Transaction processing time is also significantly less compared to stock markets. There is a facility called Interest Rate Rollover. By using this facility, the FOREX trader can earn overnight interests on the currencies held by him. But he is also liable to pay interest on the currencies that he has borrowed. But of course there will be, more often than not, a difference between these two interest rates. He can work out the difference between these two interest rates to his advantage. A few central banks are actively involved in the foreign exchange business.  This process is known as intervention. Central banks try to influence FOREX rates by actively buying and/or selling currencies in the market.

Timing: The all-important factor in the FOREX Market!

Consider the fact that the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day. This literally means that there is no time to sleep! What Given the condition arises that the currency values suddenly drop while you were sleeping? Here comes the need to rethink your strategy. Look out and explore better times to trade. There certainly are better hours to trade in the foreign exchange market. They are called “FOREX Hours”. Though FOREX hours will vary for different types of traders, yet the best FOREX hours are certainly those that overlap market timings for two or more foreign markets. But then again, market size plays a significant role here. We will study that now.

Market Size: Another important factor!

A particular market may prove to be more rewarding to get involved in that a combination of two or more markets. Given the condition arises that you come across such a market, it will be natural for you to dedicate the majority of your time to this market. The “overlapping market timings factor” will more or less get eliminated in this case. We can safely assert that penny stock investing is by no means an accurate discipline. You are obliged to perform your survey by construing the information sheet that the business makes obtainable to you. What’s more, you for the simple reason that a shareholder are required to be exceptionally perceptive in the sublime matters of studying press reports on the business.

These are the ways of risk free forex trading strategy.



How to earn money from share market trading

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Follow the golden rules before making money through share market

Earning from the share market is easy when a trader depends on the suggestions offered by the expert in the field. Getting the tips is a must as the share marketing is a risky game and due to this investor irrespective of the experienced need to be extra cautious while investing. Understand the types of the trades, skills used, steps taken to win the market and utilizing each and every opportunity makes one   the best and  successful trader. Also, investing by considering the size of the share supports the investor to get handsome returns and with some worthy investment people can easily make money through the share market. Consider the timing and other recommendations as this support the investor in an exceptional manner and one can gain innumerable benefits.

Following the golden rules enhances the profits in the stock market as each and every investor planning to make money form share market trading need to follow the rules.


It is a must to invest in the share market by understanding the business as the stock market is one of the most volatile markets. The fluctuations are common and due to which one need to understanding the situation thoroughly before planning to invest. Investing in the market or in a company without complete idea leads to unnecessary complications and in worse cases people lose money.

Need of discipline

One needs to stay patient while investing in the market and disciplined investors who stick to a systematic strategy earn handsome returns. It is not always the luck, but the strategy works a lot in earning handsome profits and the success in stock markets always depends on the condition of the market. One who understands the situation can get better returns for every investment.   

Follow traditional methods

 Following the traditional methods is extremely crucial and the chance of increasing the profits is much with the people who follow the strategic solutions. The suggestions offered by the analyst are taken from the previous state of the market but never be a follower. Copying the act of other trader or investor may sink you in to great loss. The strategies are specially designed as per the requirement of the investor by professionals as the needs are always different.

Stick to your requirement

 Don’t waste your time thinking regarding the other procedures or tips as every plan is created as per the need of the investor. Getting hold of the most volatile share market is never easy, but the one who follow the instructions of the expert may be safe from sinking in huge debts. One with long term goals get different tips whereas the investor looking for immediate profits needs suggestions as per the   in the situation gets different tips.

Proper source

 The major concern while you try to seek the professional support is to choose the one who is experienced in the field. Not just the experience and excellence, but one must choose the experts who carry out a proper research and then suggest the investors as per their requirement. Seeking the support of such professional secures the investment and make sure that you get regular updates.

Never over look or predict

 Both predicting and overlooking causes unnecessary loss in investments. No one can predict future and due to this investing in the companies which are not very much stable in the market may land you in troubles. At the same time one should never invest all the money in the same place as this causes a great loss. Making money from share market is easy for the one who invests at different places and move smartly as this is the only way to create wealth through share market.

In order to earn money through the share market it is a must to be realistic and with normal expectations. People who plan for much always lose the investments and suffer with several debts and even sink in depression. Lose of money is losing all the hope and in the present scenario getting a better condition is not very easy.

Due to this one need to be extra cautious while making money and in order to make funds it is a must to follow the above rules and be extremely practical in your approach. Also following the guidance of the experts is extremely useful in investing and always monitors the changes very carefully.

Forex trading basic rules

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The basic rules one should follow while planning to invest in Forex trading

Forex the short form of foreign exchange is one of the currency markets where people can change currencies. Every single day throughout the 5 working days a huge sum of money is being exchanged   and the trading is much when compared with the share market. Buying and selling the currency and exchanging with various denominations are handled in this market and trading of different currencies is easily done in this market. This is one such market which is open throughout the week and works for 24 hours in a day.  Except the weekends the market offers innumerable chances in changing the currencies and one can get the current market price of the other currency.

Forex trading is a huge trading world where people can continuously change the money and people can pair the currencies and there are a variety of factors that affect the exchange rates. People can make spot transactions and enhance profit, which is not fixed as there is a chance of losing money with wrong step. The factors that disturb the market include the political events as well as the financial changes. When these occur in the nations the forex trading face either loss or profits and even the specialized firms fail to predict the changes and estimations are not always positive. The centralized banks are crucial as these are places where foreign exchange takes place and here people work as per the changes in the financial market.

There is no guarantee of gaining handsome profits as the unpredictable disturbances are most common in the trade market and stabilizing the market is not possible. Foreign exchange plays an important role and central banks take a major part in the exchange of the foreign currencies.  There are a few crucial segments on which the forex trade works and even this is estimated following the technical analysis.

·         The price at which you can purchase the currency is the ask price and this is the exact price where the market is willing to sell the currency of various countries. Along with the ask price, the bid price is another crucial segment where the people can purchase the currency. And one planning to be successful in earning money through the forex market should understand the changes as well as your needs. Recognize the market as with the planned goals it is easy to stay secured. When you know more regarding the changes and make sure your work according to the time frame.

·         Financial goals are easily reached when people rely over the analysis and when you want to trade normally it is a must to follow the analysis. There is always a need of a professional who supports by taking good care of the analysis and provide suggestions after a thorough research. Pick the professional who is licensed and begin the exchange with smaller sums as earning great profits is easy with a patience move.

·         Choose the right pair of currency as the worth of profits is completely based on the changes in the financial status. And it is suggested to stick to a currency pair and it is even a must to pick the major currency pair as the chance of earning profits in the minor pairs is comparatively less. There are a few pairs that owe a certain value in trading and due to this one need to choose the pair of currency cautiously.

·         Stay balanced as controlling the emotions is much crucial   in earning a successful career in the trading world. People who are interested in trading activity should be careful and reducing the risks is easy with the logical approach.  Pay interest towards amazing strategy offered by the expert professionals as they consider the traditional trading methods and then provide the strategy.

 The importance of tips as well as an experienced mentor is extremely important due to which people should always rely over the professional who offers the simple tips that are suitable to the changes in the market. Acquiring wealth by investing in the trading market is possible when people owe quality patience and systemic planning as this avoids unnecessary risks of losing the investments and sinking in debts. Make sure that you never go against the market and apply new and impractical techniques as the chance of losing the bucks is more when compared with the other tips.

Dalal Street or Stock exchanges of Indian stock market

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Invest and gain amazing returns in the market

Many of us are interested in investing in the share market and a few hesitate to do so because of the volatile nature of the market. The ups and downs in the market make people feel worried and are confused by time to complete the investments. People looking forward to invest and gain positive returns should know more regarding the happenings and finally start stepping ahead as this is the only way to secure all the investments. People looking to be a smart investor need to know more regarding the updates of the market and at the same time should rely over a genuine research.

A fascinating place

The special place in the most fascinating city Mumbai along with other mind-blowing attractions where all the share market exchange are carried away is the place that grabs the attention of every investor. Dalal Street, a street in Mumbai is the place where the majority of trading gets completed in the country as this street is known stock exchange is carried away smoothly.

·         The street is known for the Bombay Stock Exchange and people this mostly for the share market exchange. A huge number of exchanges and trading is carried always and every single minute in the downtown of Mumbai.  

·         There are several enthusiast traders who tend to test their luck by purchasing and selling the shares. Also a few traders come to test their skills and to be successful, one should step forward just by investing in the market.  

·         The share market world makes people invest appropriately and teaches when to withdraw as the one who understands how to spend money always wins in the market. Dalal Street is one famous place for the people who are in to the Indian share market world as the investor needs are catered at the place easily.

·         As the Wall Street in US the Dalal Street is much famous for the stock exchange and trading and the place is loaded with several financial institutions. The stake holders and the majority of the retail investors who tend to participate in the equity market should follow the updates from the Dalal Street as here all the operations are completed in a healthy manner.

In order to enjoy or earn a healthy growth one need to get the impressive services and people can even follow the journals and other places that offer information. Each and every particular is specifically mentioned in the journals and the appropriate information makes the retail investors get more access. One can easily learn more techniques to tackle the volatile issues and handling the market during the volatile periods is equally important to invest appropriately. The risks and rewards are balanced when the investor actually depends on the suggestions and guidance of the professional analysts as earning positive results is possible following different strategies.

Create a successful path

People planning to test their trading skills or the one interested to start a career as a skilled investor  always plan to visit this place as here one have the open floor electronic trading system. BSE includes stocks, exchanges and other trading options that help in understanding the overall performance. Along with this the performance is even delivered with immediate effect in the form of sensex and even the changes of the bullion market. The country capital market is always busy and rushes with the traders who are trying to test their luck and the changes here make a vast difference in the overall economy.

 Every enthusiast trader look towards the Dalal Street with a great hope as the changes in the sensex creates excess difference when the investor steps ahead in hurry. People looking to make money through the share market need to be planned and even follow the guidance of analysts who are expert in the field. Apart from staying updated regarding the news of Dalal Street one would actually understand the main difference between various factors that owe a huge impact. Along with this one need to rely over the genuine sources that are licensed and s the online portals offer the journals and more regarding the happenings at Dalal Street ever now and then. One needs to get subscription or seek the support of professional expert who serves as per the need as this is the only way to create a path to become successful in trading.

Indian stock market today and share market trading view

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Investors need to be patient for a couple of months

Indian stock market is extremely volatile and people can never estimate and invest in the place where they can yield better profits. The stock market is one place which is lode with fluctuations and people who tend to invest in the market need to be attentive and updated. The changes in the country, political events, financial decisions and a few more always owe a huge impact on the values. The share market due to its volatile nature is marked very special and the political happenings and other changes around the country makes the company shares fall and raise up unexpectedly. In the present scenario the India stock market is facing very huge trouble due to demonetization.

Even the simple transactions are much tough to handle due to the step and this actually decreased the purchasing. Due to lack of purchasing the companies productions gets slowed as the companies owe a direct impact the value of the share market.  When the demand is less the supply is to be stopped and people due to problem in money started holding all their transactions and the power of purchasing cannot change in the long term of time.

Bold moves me by the government always influence the share market and it is even true that the stock market is one sector which faces several troubles. Investing in the market in the present scenario is not very easy and it is even true that this may not last for a long period of time. Within 6 to 7 months things turn up to be normal and people can get a smooth returns and people who are withdrawing the investments surely tend to  invest in the market. PM Sir Modi after announcing the bold decisions about the currency there are several sectors which  started facing troubling state and due to this the money circulation is actually on  a great trouble.

Demonetization owes a huge impact over various sectors even after implementing things after taking smart steps. The transactions get on the proper track when the things get normal and there are several sources that started cutting rates aggressively. The impact is not restricted to a few sectors, but the overall economy changes with the ban of the big notes. But once the new currency starts moving throughout the country the services get back to their place and the genuine tax payers can feel good regarding the free movement of the money.

·         Technically speaking people who ever invest in the stock market should present all sorts of identity cards which are approved by the government. The PAN card plays a major role for the people who invest in the share market as cash transactions are not easily completed without the identity.

·         But the share values started falling down and the impact of banning the regular money is actually a short pain to the share market. Though there are unexpected fluctuations after this step this is not a long term problem.

·         And people can easily gain long term benefits as this is the ideal way to fight back with the black money, but one need to stay patience. Once the market gets the circulation of the new notes things get catered and at the same time even increases the speed. The traders can even think of investing in the market and earn worthy returns.

Demand and supply are the basic things which rule the market and people who need to invest in the market need to wait for the better time.  The companies take a break in manufacturing or designing the goods when the demand is fewer and this draws down the value of the shares. The country with significant economy changes by time loses in a few cases and finally gains benefits in the long run. People looking for better opportunities need to stay calm and then invest in the company that is genuine and is apt to offer returns. The current volatility makes people or even the traders worry to invest in the market, but this situation gets corrected with a certain period of time. Right from that moment the country will be free of black money and at the same time even earn positive returns which is a chance for every enthusiast investor to be successful in the career.


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Events to watch this week

  • US Q3 annual economic growth rate revised up
  • Italian government rescues Monte deiPaschi
  • Scotland threatens to leave UK
  • BOJ upgrades assessment, leaves policy unchanged

The Week ahead:

  • Japan releases consumer price and unemployment data on Monday, 26 December
  • Japan reports retail sales data on Wednesday, 28 December
  • US November pending home sales figures are released on Wednesday, 28 December

For the week,Global equities dipped modestly this week while US indices barely budged. The venerable Dow Jones Industrial Average approached the psychologically significant 20,000 mark before pausing. US Treasury yields were down slightly on the week, falling to 2.53% from 2.58% a week ago. West Texas Intermediate crude lost about 75 cents on the week, ending around $52.50, while the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) remains historically low, at 11.60.

NIFTY- 7,985.75
CRUDE OIL-Rs 3,595barrel
GOLD-Rs 27,002/10 gram
Rs/$-Rs 67.83


Trading for the week ended on a positive note as key benchmark indices snapped a seven-day losing streak and settled with small gains after what was a volatile session of trade. The barometer index, the SandP BSE Sensex, gained 61.10 points or 0.24% to settle at 26,040.70. The Nifty 50 index rose 6.65 points or 0.08% at 7,985.75. The gains for the Nifty were lower than the Sensex's gains in percentage terms. After a subdued start to the session tracking weak Asian cues, indices reversed losses in early afternoon trade and consolidated further in the green in mid-afternoon trade. However, they pared gains in late trade, with the movement restricting within a narrow range throughout the session.

The Sensex gained 61.10 points or 0.24% to settle at 26,040.70, its highest closing level since 21 December 2016. The index rose 163.59 points or 0.62% at the day's high of 26,143.19. It lost 107.22 points or 0.41% at the day's low of 25,872.38, its lowest level since 24 November 2016.

The Nifty 50 index rose 6.65 points or 0.08% to settle at 7,985.75, its highest closing level since 21 December 2016. The index rose 43.50 points or 0.54% at the day's high of 8,022.60. It fell 37.05 points or 0.46% at the day's low of 7,942.05, its lowest level since 21 November 2016.

The BSE Mid-Cap index fell 0.4% and the BSE Small-Cap index dropped 0.04%. Both these indices underperformed the Sensex.

Macro Economic Front:

On the Economic Front,Prime Minister NarendraModi on Saturday gave the green signal to a slew of infrastructure projects in Mumbai and Pune, besides inaugurating the new campus of SEBI's National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) during his daylong visit to Maharashtra.

Modi was received by Governor C.V. Rao, Chief Minister DevendraFadnavis and other dignitaries on his arrival around noon by an IAF aircraft at the ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj International Airport here.

Major Action &Announcement:

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries rallied 2.6% after the company has informed BSE that one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of the company has acquired 13,000,000 Series B Preferred Stock of scPharmaceuticals Inc. (equivalent to 14.58% fully diluted equity stake on conversion) by way of allotment.

Wipro dipped 1%. The company announced that it has reached an agreement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to formally  resolve the previously disclosed six-year-old investigation.

Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd rose 3.6% to Rs 55 after huge block deal. Around 12.3 million shares or 1.7% stake of the company changed hands in a single block deal. 

Welspun Enterprises plunged 4%. Welspun Enterprises a part of $2.3 billion Welspun Group, on Thursday announced plans to buy back up to 25% of its share capital at a price of Rs 62 per equity share.

Deepak Nitrite tanked 3.7% to Rs 85.80 after huge block deal. Around 3 million shares of the company changed hands in two block deal

JK Paper rose 2%.  JK Paper Ltd has now informed BSE that the Company has decided at its meeting of Committee of Directors held on December 22, 2016, to sell 20 per cent shareholding of OJPPL to OHC, one of the joint venture parties.

Suzlon Energy rose 0.29% after the company announced a joint venture with AMP Solar for the development and construction of a 15 MW solar PV project located at Achampet, Mahaboobnagar District, Telangana.

Tata Motors dropped 1.6%. The sentiments that prevailed at the Tata Motors extraordinary general meeting mirrored the EGMs at the storied group's other companies, with a majority of shareholders speaking in favour of Tata Sons' interim chairman Ratan Tata.

Global Front:

In Overseas Markets,European stocks were mixed with banks rising after two regional bellwethers settled US mortgage securities probes. Deutsche Bank's $7.2 billion settlement with the US Department of Justice over toxic mortgage securities sold in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis was nearly half of the fine initially levied in September. Credit Suisse also agreed to pay $5.3 billion to the DOJ to settle similar charges

In another boost to European financials, the Italian government approved a decree today, 23 December 2016, to bail out Monte deiPaschi di Siena after the world's oldest bank failed to win investor backing for a desperately needed capital increase. Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said his Cabinet had authorised a 20 billion-euro ($20.9 billion) fund to help lenders in distress - first and foremost Monte deiPaschi.

Global Economic News:

US, UK growth revised higher
Already strong US gross domestic product figures were revised higher in the final reading for the third quarter. Originally reported at an annual rate of 3.3%, the economy grew 3.5%, according to an estimate by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Q4 growth looks to be somewhat less robust, with estimates in the 2.0% to 2.5% range at the moment. In the United Kingdom, Q3 growth was also revised higher. On a quarter-over-quarter basis, the UK economy expanded 0.6% in the three months following the Brexit vote, up from an earlier 0.5% estimate.

Italy rescues world’s oldest bank
Italy’s government has authorized €20 billion bailout of that country’s third-largest lender, Monte deiPaschi di Siena, after the bank failed to raise sufficient capital in the financial markets to stay afloat. Monte deiPaschi has been in operation since 1742.

Scotland threatens to bolt UK
If the United Kingdom does not remain a member of the European Union’s single market, Scotland will hold another referendum on withdrawing from it, Scottish first
minister Nicola Sturgeon said this week. Scotland voted to remain within in the EU in last June’s referendum, as did Northern Ireland, but England and Wales produced large enough majorities to win the day for the Leave campaign. In 2014, Scotland held a referendum on independence that was defeated 55% to 45%.

BOJ upgrades economic outlook
The Bank of Japan upgraded its economic assessment, noting that a moderate recovery trend had continued while exports had picked up. Improved foreign demand was credited with the export boost, along with a weaker yen, which should help solidify the recovery, the bank said. The BOJ’s super-easy monetary policy was left unchanged.

Pair of European banks settle US mortgage cases
Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse each agreed to settle outstanding cases with the US Department of Justice involving the mis-selling of mortgage-backed securities dating back to the global financial crisis. Deutsche Bank settled for $7.2 billion, roughly half what the DOJ proposed in September. Credit Suisse agreed to pay roughly $5.3 billion. UK-based Barclays was unable to come to an agreement, and the DOJ has since filed suit in the matter.


Praxair and Linde agree to merge
After a two-year courtship, industrial gas giants Praxair and Linde have agreed to merge their operations. The combined value of the deal is $66.6 billion.


























Eyes will be set on the certain US economic data releases are:

Monday (26 Dec)
US Holiday, Market Closed
Tuesday(27 Dec)
Consumer Confidence

Wednesday(28 Dec)
Pending Home Sales Index
Thursday(29 Dec)
Jobless Claims
Friday(30 Dec)
Chicago PMI

Fundamental Pick of the week:

Sell REC Ltd For Target Rs. 120.00

The stock is making lower tops after forming a double top pattern at 140 resisting to cross the short term averages.The key technical indicators and RSI has also reversed turning downwards and as the stock is in poised for a breakdown from current levels.

The stock has closed below its short term averages confirming the downtrend and the recent swing high will continue to act as strong resistance for the stock.


Short position can be initiated at Rs129-130 for target of Rs120 with a stop loss of Rs 134.

Indian Market Outlook:

Even as Nifty closed at 8000 levels this week, the Index tested levels of 7950 which is just 30 points shy of the previous month low of 7921. The benchmark Index remained weak in the last five trading sessions with FII's turning out as net sellers in the market. Nifty dropped almost 200 points from 8148 to 7953 in the course of the week's trading session.

This week the IT index was up by 2.26% expectation of growth backed by PM Mr. NarendraModi’s digital India stance post the demonetization.



















Nifty index traded with negative bias for most part of the week and finally concluded with cut of over 1.5%.

Technically, charts are still pointing toward further fall wherein 7900 spot is the immediate support. Also, we have derivatives expiry for the Dec month scheduled in the coming week and it’ll largely guide the market ahead , in absence of any major event.


Nifty made low of 7942 but failed to close above 8000,Till we do not see closed above 8000 Bears have upper hand and high probability we can break swing low of 7916. Range of 7880-7900 is again the important zone, break of the range on downside move towards 7800/7700. Holding the same move towards 8130/8250.


How to earn money with Forex

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Forex market has got the maximum potential for earning for any investor. The daily turnover of more than US$3 trillion, high leverage rate and stable Forex market make the Forex investment so profitable. But like any investment, you need to have a comprehensive idea of the Forex market, have competence in predicting the ups and down of Forex market and of course take the right opportunities of trading to earn money from Forex trading. Here we are providing an overview of Forex trading that will help you to earn money with Forex trading.

Forex trading is all about buying one currency with another. The basic principle for making money at the Forex market is to buy the currency at lower rate and selling that at higher rate. Or you can do the trade other way as well, that by selling the currency at higher rate and then buying it back at a lower rate. At Forex trading you are offered the price of the currency in respect to other currency and the quote at the Forex market is presented in the combination of these two currencies. Generally the first currency of the Forex quote is the base currency and the other is the trade currency. Generally it is the rate of the base currency on which the profit or loss is determined and the trading currency is the currency in which the investment is made and profit is obtained. Generally in a Forex quote the base currency is considered as one unit and the price of the trade currency for that 1 unit of base currency is given in the Forex quote. Here we are presenting an example that will help you to understand precisely how you can make money at the Forex market.


For example your speculation says that the Euro to US Dollar rate will increase in the Forex market and you are keen to get some profit from this trade and you have US$ 2000 in your account as deposit. But as the standard practice of high leverage in the Forex market (100:1) you can take a trade of as much as US$ 200,000 with your deposit of US$ 2000. Now for instance let us assume that the current quote of EURUSD is 1.2750. With the deposit you have you can invest in as much 150,000 Euro as the price of that much Euro in US$ will be 150,000 x 1.2750 = 191,250. Now according to your speculation if the rate of Euro rises to 1.2850 in respect to USD, the value of 150,000 Euro will be 150,000 x 1.2850 = 192,750 USD. So you will make a profit of 192,750 – 191, 250 = 1500 US$. So with a minimum deposit of USD 2000 you can make a profit of 1500USD that is about 75% of your actual deposit or investment. That too this high profit percentage is achieved with a minimum rise of .8% of the base currency.


Similarly if you have a speculation that says the rate of Euro will go down in comparison with USD, you can short sell the Euro at the Forex market. That means you can sell the Euro at a higher rate and then when the rate of Euro goes down, you can buy back the same quantity of Euro at lower rate to close the position and make your profit from the trade.


These are of course the simplest examples of Forex trading and there are so many other factors that can come into play when you are actually trading at the Forex market. But one thing remains constant – that is if you can choose the right time and the take right trading decision, Forex market possibly has the maximum profit potential. But to ensure that you get optimum benefit from the Forex trading you have to keep close watch on the market trend so that you do not miss any investment opportunity and make the best of the huge profit potential of the Forex market. To help you keep watch on the Global Forex and the up and down trend of the currencies, the automated Forex trading software is surely an effective medium and you gain from these systems. These systems help to determine the trend of the market as well as do the Forex trading seamlessly.

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